Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Ride (Part 2.5)

I wanted to get to this post a tad sooner, but I ended up with some very unexpected autoimmune stuff going on that took me off guard and laid me out.

The beginning of this week I spent in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a precious little boy and an amazing doctor. 

Jacob and Timothy playing a game of frogs (a sweet gift).

As many of you may remember, Timothy's specialist in Arthrogryposis is located in Philly.  He's world renown and a complete gift from God.  Thanks to Miracle Flights and some forever friends (The Ceraso family) in New Jersey, we are able to do this.

As always, Dr. VB (nickname) is more thorough (and humble) than any doctor I have ever had the privilege of meeting. 

The Waiting Room #1

Very quickly he took one complete surgery off the table for tibial torsion (his left foot turning completely in) .  At this age, Timothy would most likely end up with multiple surgeries.  Instead we will be casting again.  We will have five casts (three in Philly, two at Scottish Rite) starting in August to turn his foot in.  We may do this again in the future until his bones solidify more (around ten). 

The Waiting Room #2

He looked at the x-rays of Timothy's hips and said that one looks beautiful and the other looks a little messy (just not as in the socket he created as he likes).  We aren't going to do anything about it at this point, just keep and eye on it.  Their MAY be a surgery sometime down the road.  There is no bone death though, so we did a big happy dance there (remember the sockets with donor bone were created).

Chillin' with a very special family in New Jersey.

Right now we are looking at Philadelphia casting in August & September and surgery (to remove plates and pins from his big surgery) in September as well.

So today I lay here writing Part 2.5 (since I'm didn't update on everyone) in a bed of pillows on the couch.  I'm very much taken care of by by husband and kiddos right now.  I know I am a blessed woman.

If you read the post titled "Lemons-An Intermission", please remember to pray for Jeremiah.

Also, Jack's birthday was this week (as well as Father's day, with the loss of John).  Please remember to pray for Amy, Nick, and Sam as they walk this seemingly impossible walk,  Next month will be equally as hard with the anniversary of Jack's death.  Please consider covering them in prayer through this time (and continually).


We've racked our brains of any way we can send our three to the mission trip in Eastern Europe.  Barring a very quick miracle, it's not possible. (It all stems from a tax issue.) This makes me a bit sick and sad.  One of my teens asked me if there was ANY way the other day.  There just isn't unless God intervenes.  We know He has a purpose, though there has been a few tears (mine..chuckle, but true).  I'm posting this link to our mission trip's "Go Fund Me" one more time, but know God's Will is paramount.  If He Wills them to go, they will. 

Please pray, IF it's God's Will, we see a way overnight (the trip is happening so soon).

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