Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Ride (Part 2)

While Anna Graduated on May 12th, we all jumped every time the phone rang.

The "rule" was that every time Sarah (our oldest daughter) called, she had to say "I'm not in labor" before anything else. (Chuckle)

The morning of Sunday May 20th rolled around and the phone rang.

"Mom, The contractions are eight minutes apart, we're heading to the hospital."

The doctor had WISELY told her that if she had three good contractions in a half an hour, to go to the hospital.  To put it in perspective,  I went to the hospital with Sarah when my contractions were eight minutes apart...and I had her an hour and a half later.  The doctor told me to bring a catcher's mitt next time.

On May 20th, after only four hours of labor (at the hospital), Gabriella Hope joined our family and we became grandparents for the third time.

Ivan and Sarah are so precious with her....

Gabriella immediately grabbed Ivan's beard 
when he held her.

and I have never seen an 18 month old so prepared for a little sister.  We think she may have been a tad ticked with Mommy for leaving her for a bit, but she knew from the beginning that this was HER baby.  There seems to be NO resentment or jealousy.

So now we all circle our wagons again, trying to find a new normal.  We are tired and joyous at the same time.  There has been many mini fires to put out along the way to get to where we are now, but life is good.

There is so much coming up that I'm a bit overwhelmed, but know God has it.  I say that in an effort to be honest.  God is so very very good to us.  It makes me think of the song below that I'll leave you with.

Part 3 is coming soon to this series of posts with updates on the kids health, Timothy's future surgeries, prayer requests (feel free to shoot me request that you don't mind public or want to keep private) and just all and all craziness (of course, laughing).  Have a blessed night and thank you all who have stuck with us through the journey we call life and through my periods of silence on this blog.

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