Monday, March 19, 2018

Calling All Prayer Warriors-Matt


In college I was casual friends with a girl name Donna. 

As adults we reconnected at a Church we were visiting.  I had been told I "need to meet her" as she was a fellow adoptive parent.

A deep friendship developed and we have walked the roller coaster of life together.  God even called us to some of our children at the same time (Jael, David, and Jacob).

Friday night her husband Matt collapsed.  At first they thought it was a heart attack.  They found his lungs filled with food and highly damaged.  They lowed the temperature of his body for 48 hours and put him in a physician induced coma.

There have been good signs.  Though there were blips on his EKG, the cardiologist gave him an all clear.

His temperature has been raised and he's been responsive on his trials off of sedation (though still on life support).  It's been beautiful to watch, even from a distance.

Tonight when being taken to a CT scan, he went into Cardiac Arrest.  They had to shock him several times and his heartbeat is back.

They don't know what's causing any of this.

There is so much more I wish I could share, but their marriage is new and beautiful and true.  Matt is her knight.

Donna is one of God's strong (even if she doesn't feel like it always) warriors.

PLEASE pray friends!
*Please pray  for Matt's COMPLETE healing.
*Please pray for the doctor's to find out what has caused all this (even if it's a series of events).
*Please pray for Donna and the kids...for peace that passes understanding, endurance, and strength.

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