Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mini Update

The sound of silence has not been because life is uneventful, it's been a bit more like it takes both hands to dog paddle and keep our heads above water.

Nothing is huge, like the events that unfolded last week in our country.

It's just been daily hiccups and illness.  We lost a precious member of our extended family.  A bit of two steps forward and three steps back.

My Aunt Betty passed away.  My heart misses her so much.  When I went over to share with my mom...she just knew.  She knew her sister was gone.   Not being there was hard, but my mom has battled some fixable health mazes and she couldn't have handled the trip.  We ache for my cousin Eddie.  Please keep him in your prayers.

My Aunt Betty

We've battled at 3-4 day virus that weaves through us one to two at a time.  The scariest was Grace.  She has such narrow airways that I didn't sleep for three days.  She has gotten through it, but now shows possible signs of pink eye or conjunctivitis.  Now Anna and Max are sick.  It's the second time for both.  Don't get me wrong, we are thankful it's not the flu or strep, but the constant is a bit wearying.  We hesitate to bring a child to the doctor's offices unless absolutely necessary.  It's ground zero for the flu.  Tomorrow I miss my granddaughter Alessandra's first birthday, not wanting to risk exposing her.  This breaks my heart.  I know we will be hug her soon, but my grandma heart wanted to be there.  Please pray for our physical (emotional and spiritual) health with the illness and weariness accompanying it.

Please also pray for a blessed birthday for little Alessandra.

Our washing machine died and we had to wade through many phone calls to show we had a warranty. It's never been that difficult to prove before.  They said our washing machine is the car equivalent of "totaled" at only three years old, but the warranty doesn't truly cover another machine (even the same one) with even a small warranty.  We are going on a month without.  This is a total first world problem, nothing serious.  I admit we are a bit spoiled and miss it.  We appreciate a little prayer for direction in the way we should go here.

Financially we are still trying to recover from this last year.  It will be okay, but we continue to appreciate prayer in that department.  We just have hopes of finding normal and getting medical bills paid off.   Please pray for favor and blessing in the financial department if you would. 

We have to get taxes filed for ourselves and our mom, but this year it a bit more complicated and we need aid for both...which takes money that we don't quite have (smile).  Please pray God makes a clear way and we can get taxes, which is weighing on me, done.

Last, our sweet indoor kitty (Sienna) has gone missing.  Nine years ago the transmission on my mom's car (a Toyota Sienna) starting mewing.  On it we found a tiny orange fluff ball with half a tail.  He has been wonderful with each and every child under our roof.  He's the most patient surfer chill.  He snuck out at some point when the door was opened a week ago Saturday (we believe).  He's an adventurer, but usually would stand outside the door and meow until we opened the door and let him back in.  He's only done this one time before now and came back, covered in burrs, three days later.  The weather has mostly been cold and wet.   It's now been a week.  If you feel comfortable, please pray for Sienna's return and safety.  Our kids (and we) are sad and miss him.

Sienna and Anna's Bearded Dragon
taking a nap.

We sent this to our son in the military with the note, "Even
Sienna is waiting for your call."

We have no medical news as of yet.  Right now my mom needs the focus, but hopefully in a couple weeks we will have some news.

I'm sorry updates are few and far between, but it has been one of those weird times.  Everything typically easy, has a hiccup or kink in it.  I think it was my brother that said, "Don't you feel like you're waiting for another shoe to drop...and it's a centipede's?"

That's a bit where we are at.

God is good though.  This we know.

We pray each of you can feel His presence with you right now.

Have a blessed night.

"Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us." Romans 5:3-5

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