Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mini Update - News and No News

One of my favorite people asked me today if I was okay, because she hadn't heard from me.I haven't blogged in awhile. 

Truthfully, I was waiting until we had more news about the girls at least. 

It felt like Fall this morning for the first time!!!

The MRI for each girl was supposed to be immanent and important  (for Hope especially). We've bounced around from orders not being put in (a wonderful nurse putting them in finally and equally not happy they weren't in yet after a week and a half) to the debate whether the MRI should be in one city or another (long story) that has nothing to to with us now, but is so strange (another long story).
Basically, there is no news on that front and I just don't want everyone to worry that I've officially lost my marbles and disappeared forever (smile).

We just have nothing. 

On the Timothy surgery front we have nothing either.

We do have other things happening, many good.

Our granddaughter visited today and she 
wanted the tangle teaser instead of a toy. 

Financially (thanks to God's blessing and our loved ones) we were able to "catch up" where we needed to immanently.  God answered many prayers and we are so grateful.  We haven't been in a situation exactly like that before.  Please continue to pray for God's provision as we still have some unknowns in the next couple of weeks and have Christmas on the horizon...... AND PRAISE HIM. HE brought us out of a place we hope to never go back to...a need greater than typical (even after an adoption). GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!

A special little boy named Levi got to hang out with us
for a bit.  He loved the little girls and was so tender with them!

Life is not exactly easy yet. 

Most days we are weary right now. There is just a lot. 

I purposely made no doctor appointments or therapy appointments this week. 

The cool thing?  IT'S WORTH IT!!!!  Our children are HOME. THEY ARE IN OUR ARMS. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

I sit here SURE I have forgotten something.  I truly don't know what though.  Please feel free to ask questions. My brain is kinda mush. 

Below are our prayer requests... as always. We really do thank you for praying. I KNOW God is listening and it means so much!!!!

Please pray...
1. For Hope~That her surgery and recovery goes beyond perfect (and that Grace will not need the surgery). Please also pray we are able to get the MRI's scheduled NOW.
2. For Timothy~That his little heart understands a new surgery and we don't have regression in his attachment during this time. Please pray that the surgery and recovery (in a couple months after his hips get stronger) go wonderfully...and that he will be able to walk independently. Please also pray that we can get a time set for the next time we need to go across the U.S....and that God blesses it. 
3. Provision for our family (specifically for one major bill two weeks from now, the remainder of birthdays, and Christmas). For medical bills/debt to be paid off, IF it can be GOD'S WILL, before the years end.
4.PLEASE pray for Tom (Elizabeth and Alessandra) for blessing in testing and advancement toward their future. (Tom is in the military.)
5. Please pray for provision, health, and blessing for Sarah, Ivan, and Isabella.  This has been a harder season for our oldest daughter and family. 
6. Please also pray for good for our children and grandchildren. We long for BIG joy and "good" for them. They've sacrificed joyfully so much. I want to give them so much, NOT stuff...things, but just big joy. (If that makes sense.)
7. Please pray (this should have been first) that Thomas and I glorify God in the hard stuff. Seriously, this should ALWAYS be the top prayer. Please pray GOD GETS ALL THE GLORY. (Hope and peace is nice, but glorifying God is our greatest wish.)

Thank you guys...again. Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. We feel like we've been looking ahead to just each hour, each day...instead of weeks or months at a time. 

Maybe that is good.  

All we know is GOD IS GOOD. Hugs and love!!!

You, Lord, are forgiving and good,
    abounding in love to all who call to you.
Psalm 86:5

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