Thursday, September 7, 2017

Isabella and Good Things

As we wade through medical things with the girls, mini blessings pop up all around.

I admit that I woke up this morning in a horrible mood...just bad.  I had gone through the weekend sick and, as every mom knows, the house isn't quite the same as before you went into the sick zone.  My husband is amazing and tries hard, but he has to juggle work as well.

Looking at the house made me...ummmm...grumpy.

God adjusted my heart very quickly as he laid deep and heavy concern for friends on it.  Some are evacuating Florida and some going through the fire, which they KNOW will bring refining, but it's painful none the less.  It's wearying and rending.

What brought peace to my heart was a little thing, but then I guess a nine month old baby is.  God knew I needed to see my oldest daughter today, her husband (who never fails to make me smile), and our little Isabella Grace.
Who needs a basket full of toys?!
 I have a brush!

I was able to watch her for just a little bit, while they enjoyed a bit of Mommy and Daddy time.  Isabella is good for my heart.

Wait...Grandma has a camera.

My Aunt Anna is SO cool!

She then climbed up into my lap, buried her head in my chest and hair, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

It was after six, so I was only going to let her sleep 20-30 minutes.

I tried waking her, and this was the result.

Wake up FAIL

Finally, I saw eyes.

 Half asleep, she saw Grandpa.

She gave him a HUGE smile, hugged him, then snuggled back up with grandma.  She was so sleepy.

You may wonder why I write about this.

Sometimes stopping and enjoying what you have brings the most peace.  In such a rushed world, as ours often is, slowing down can bring such contentment.

Our children are joy.

Thomas and I have also appreciated the kindness of others today in events that are typically stressful. 

Our vehicle registration had expired.  We had to get the registration renewed (as well as our handicap placard).  Instead of waiting in a long line, a woman at the information desk (after meeting the children) took care of it all for us.  It took almost no time.  She asked us a lot about our family and our cuties...and just showed kindness.

A little kindness can make a world of difference in a day.  I don't doubt for a second that God was behind it (smile).

After we arrived home, Thomas ran the van down to get the brakes worked on.

Side note: We girls get to go on a little trip tomorrow, while the boys get "guy time".  We are going to see another part of my heart (including another adorable itty bitty). 

When Thomas arrived to pick the van up at the dealership, we were given a surprise.

As many of you know, two years ago (in a media event), we were given our current beautiful van.  We had never had a new car.  This was a gift from God.  (Seriously, the story behind it is a total God story.) With the van came a warranty of six years or sixty thousand miles (though this did not include brakes). This has been AWESOME for us.  Today, when Thomas went down there, we found that someone had upgraded our warranty.   It now covered 100,000 miles and included brakes.  Was it an individual or the company? We don't know.  This is massive for our family. 

Please understand, we don't come out of any adoption with savings.  We use everything at our disposal to bring our children home.  When something like brakes happens within the first year after an adoption journey, we just don't have it.

Yet God....

Thank you, whoever did this (if you read this blog), for taking one thing off our "how are we going to do this" plate.

Thank you...seriously...

So today, though my heart hurts in ways I can't share (situations that are not mine to share), we are blessed.

Thank you all for your continued friendship, support, and prayers.  They mean more than words can say.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

1. Please pray that our (half of us) trip tomorrow is safe and the trip back on Saturday as well.  It may not be long, but I'm the only driver.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for those still trapped (and devastated) by Hurricane Harvey and MANY natural disasters around the world.  I'm just beginning to read about them.  Please pray the fires throughout the U.S. are brought under control and that Hurricane Irma (and the other 
two developing hurricanes) dissipate and calm.  Please pray for the families of those lost in India and that part of the world to a monsoon.  Please pray for recovery...everywhere.

2. Please continue to pray for the Wood family.  The sudden and traumatic loss of Jack is not going to be over in a day, a week, a year.  They need continued prayers.  This trauma leaves waves that will be felt for a very long time.  Please pray for triumph for their family.

3. Please pray for my friend Julia and Rob.  They were in Ben's birth country adopting their newest child (and will be returning).  This country works different than many.  Please pray that every mountain is laid flat before them and that their child comes home.

4. Please pray for our friends the "A" family which were beginning the adoption process to bring home their new daughter.  Their new daughter suddenly passed away this week.  Please pray for peace that passes understanding.

5. Please pray for Ivan, my son in law, who is looking for a job.  Please pray he finds the perfect one quickly.

6. Please pray for ALL our health, that we can get well and stay well this year.  (Please include our adult children and grandchildren too.)

7. Please pray that we can find a schedule and routine (even with many appointments) and can stick diligently to it.  I don't know how to emphasize how important this is to make a large family work.

8.  Please pray God makes it crystal beautifully clear the next steps for our family
in serving Him.

9. Please pray for the continued attachment of Hope, Grace, and Timothy.  They are still in the journey.

10. Please pray Thomas and I can be the patient parents that God wants us to be, diligently serving him while raising our zoo.

11. For about six months or so after every adoption we are in "financial recovery".
Please pray for this for us.  It's always a bit hard, but we are fine.
God is good.

12.  Please pray that China reopens their hearts to big families.  They have
blessed us with amazing children, but new rules put in place no longer
allow big families to adopt.  They previous had a program that allowed, at times, for waivers to happen on a case to case basis.  I know many that cannot go back without
a waiver to this new rule.  They no longer allow waivers either. Can you
please pray that this changes?  Please also pray that closed countries (to adoption) open back up.   Many children wait and many wonderful
families are waiting to go.  We 100% know that many children here and 
around the world need homes.  We just want to stand in prayer for ALL children to be valued and cherished by a family.

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