Friday, August 4, 2017

Update on Grace ~ Oxygen

We (Grace, currently our daughter Anna, and I) are still in the hospital (for Grace) and aren't sure when we will be heading home.  I appreciate prayers that they will find a safe and healthy way for us to head home tomorrow.

For those of you that don't know, Grace (and my beautiful travel friend Amy) contracted (in the girl's home country) a version of H1N1 that hasn't been seen in the United States since 2009.   It's throughout their country (from what we understand).  Grace was taking no fluids or food (which is how she gets much of her fluids), her oxygen levels were low, and she had a fever that wouldn't break.

Her fever has now broken.  She is eating and drinking (drinking is even BETTER than before).  She now has a junky cough though (which is typical at this point) and her oxygen levels (she had been weaned off oxygen) plummeted last night.

The difficult thing is that we don't know her baseline and she MAY need oxygen at night even at home.  An ENT and sleep study was on our list.  Basically, she won't be discharged until we can get through the night with her oxygen (through the night) remaining at 90 or above.

She also is having many tests run, many of which we expected to do when we got home.  This is a good thing.  They did hear a small heart murmur and took an EKG.  This could mean nothing (probably does).  Ben had that and his heart is very healthy.  Grace's heart looked good in the x-ray, so we are hoping for normal.

We are praying diligently for Grace and her health, but also for our family back home.  We need NO ONE else to get this...especially Hope (with her heart issues).  Thomas is having to be both mom and dad...and working from home.  That is big juggling on his part.  (I'm so glad to be doing this life/parenting thing with him.)  Please pray for those at home and my husband (his health, endurance, and joy for him).

We have been blessed to have a friend/neighbor make a "food tree" for us.  Coming home from overseas is always a bit harder (transition), but add to that a hospitalization and sleep deprivation....and we need our village.  (If you'd like the link to the tree or to help somehow, just email me at 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net and I'll try to keep checking email.  We appreciate all prayers and help.)

Our current physical needs are these (and what is listed below in our Facebook status).  Thank you for being our village friends.
1. New bottles for the girls-Grace is doing better out of a new bottle system here at the hospital.
2. Dr. Browns Standard Nipples (for the new bottles)- Level 4 (9 plus months)
3  TWO of Ark's Ultra Bear Bottle Kit to Teach Straw Drinking~ The speech therapist here at the hospital wants us to try these for the girls to try to get more fluid in them.

Here is my most recent Facebook Status.  Thank you for your love and prayers friends!!!

Grace Update #6: Grace's oxygen plummeted again last night. She's back on 1 L of oxygen. She now has a junky cough (a normal stage). She is drinking and eating better in general though. We will be in the hospital until her oxygen levels stay up at night. The hard part is that we don't know her baseline oxygen level. Her oxygen could be lower than typical and we could need oxygen at home at night. They took a lot of blood this morning, so we are waiting on results of her EKG and blood tests. Little Grace is still pretty miserable.
Thank you to any of those aiding us with meals. It's always harder when we first return from out of country, but add the hospitalization to it and we need our village all that much more.
Hope is a bit fearful without me there. Most likely she's not sure I will ever return. Please pray for her sweet spirit. We appreciate all prayer!
1. Please pray Grace's oxygen stays up at ALL times and IF it's God's Will we can go home tomorrow.
2. Please pray Grace continues to eat and drink.
3. Please pray she takes her TamiFlu successfully. It's just not happening.
4. Please pray her fever stays away and for complete and quick healing (for Amy as well). Please pray we may be able to come home tomorrow safely.  It's time if we can get little miss feeling better.
5. Please pray we get the right medical professionals and we get test results quickly.
6. Please pray ALL the rest our family stays well (including the family of Amy). Thomas MAY be trying to catch this. He's not feeling great.
7. Please pray specifically for the protection of Hope. Her heart issues and previous surgery (unknown what surgery or real result) would make this dangerous for her as well.
8. Lastly, please pray Grace (and I) sleep well. She's really uncomfortable.
For those wondering about needs beyond meals...
1. Rides/a ride for a teen to or from the hospital (Anna right now).
2. Items dropped off from house at the hospital.
3. Meals here occasionally at the hospital. We can't order for Anna or I from the room. If I'm alone I cannot leave Grace.
Thank you friends!

We appreciate all of you!

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