Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Prayers for Grace and Hope

Update: In room at hospital.  We expect to be here for a few days.
Grace's lungs are sounding slightly junky.  She's on oxygen, without it she's in the low 80's. Her fever won't break and they did decide to try TamiFlu, but she won't eat/drink and it's oral.  She spits everything out.  This pic just shows all the wires and such.  Please pray specifically!
1. Please pray against pneumonia.
2. Please pray her oxygen level goes up and she doesn't need oxygen.
3. Please pray she takes her TamiFlu successfully.  This means she needs to eat (it's mixed in food.)
4. Please pray her fever finally breaks and for complete healing for both she and Amy.
5. Please pray we get the right medical professionals.
6.  Please pray for the protection of Hope.  Her heart issues and previous surgery (unknown what surgery or real result) would make this dangerous for her as well.
7. Lastly, please pray Grace sleeps well.  She's really uncomfortable.

Thank you!  Grace has gained 1/2 a lb since we took custody.   Yet at 3 1/2, 19 lbs is NOT typical.  She's really really sick.  Thank you for standing (and kneeling) with us!"

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