Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Grace is in the Hospital

Grace has a version of the flu the U.S. hasn't seen since 2009 (version of H1N1).  It's in their birth country right now. Most likely it was contracted during  our long flight.  Amy is sick too.  They can't give Grace TamiFlu because it carries too much risk for her.  She will be hospitalized tonight and most likely for several days. She's not eating and that how she gets much of her liquids.  She spits out all meds and we can't mix them with food since she's not eating. 

Please pray Hope and the rest of the family doesn't get it.  Hope will end up here most likely too if so. She has shared everything with Grace, so it will be TOTALLY GOD if she doesn't get it.

Thankfully Thomas is home with the kids today.

Please pray for little miss to have complete and quick healing. Also please pray she starts eating again, which will enable us to take her home.  She is MISERABLE.

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