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When Hope Came Home (Day 4)

July 12, 2017~When Hope Comes Home

We walked everywhere early in the day, first to exchange money for adoption fees and then to the grocery (very similar to a local Walmart) to get drinks for the room.  If people wonder why there is weight loss in a country of such wonderful (inexpensive) food, THIS is why....walking everywhere.

Side note: Our guide David is ahead of everything and had them take out everything from the minibar in our rooms so we weren't charged two million dollars.

As 2:00 pm crept closer the butterflies erupted again.  Really, the butterflies were doing a moonwalk all over my stomach.

As David called from the lobby, Amy and I gathered the few gifts we needed to bring today and headed down.

The drive over to the adoption office (about 45 minutes) was nerve racking for both of us.  We probably looked like we had ants in our pants.

Yes, you can see the nerves.

We did the only thing we could and distracted ourselves with the scenery.

The high heels and Chanel bag were fascinating to me.
We LOVED the color of her hair. (We are cool like that.  Chuckle)

By the time we got there and Amy learned why we pray when driving through traffic (wink), we found out they were already there.

David and one of the directors waiting on the bottom floor
before we went up.

 I was immediately handed our precious Hope~Glory.  

They told her I was her Mommy and she held out her hands to me and I took her in my arms for the first time... after a year of praying and working to bring her home.  

She was so sleepy and we "think" that maybe she had meds for motion sickness for travel from their hotel (they had arrived the night before).

Truthfully it just didn't seem real.  Her head was shaved (the heat) and she felt limp in my arms (like a rag doll).  

This was our daughter.


There were many many papers to sign and Hope quickly sacked out.

We were told by the director that she doesn't need a lot of attention and is easy.  We shared with her that Hope will get a TON of attention at our house anyway (smile).  I doubt she and Grace will be put down much.

This is our guide David, the nanny, the orphanage director, and the overall director.

 They needed us to wake her for the adoption registration picture.  It was a hard one to get as she leans her head way back to avoid contact if she's overwhelmed.  (You can see that in one of the pictures above.)  They needed to fully see her face.

Side note: Amy did a wonderful job capturing her sweet smile and personality.

Besides signing a million custody papers (adoption papers are tomorrow), they needed her footprint on the paperwork (above).

The heat started melting us all.  Hope and I were body to body much of the time.  She's a wiggle worm!

Though she doesn't have much muscle tone, she will gain it quickly.  She can sit on her own, but often starts rocking if she does.  She can also put weight on her legs while we are holding her.  It reminds me of about where our Isabella (my granddaughter) is about right now (though Isabella has more muscle tone).

When we made it back to our room, we fed, changed, and distracted her.  Clapping games and peek-a-boo had sweet smiles on her face.  She learns quickly and will make big strides once home.  The caregivers and directors were SO kind and they care for the kids, yet...there just are not enough hands.

We were told (as stated in the last blog post) that she only takes liquid by spoon.  She doesn't know how to suck.  I attempted a bottle and found she can suck a tiny bit, but has yet to "get it".  We appreciate prayer that she "gets it" quickly.  I will be getting out our medicine dropper to help get liquids in her tomorrow.  (We also add to food and such.)

Recognize one of the blankets Marie?  How about 
the other one Jennifer?  We brought 
both as we keep the room very cool.  

The longer we have her the more she shines. She has a long way to go, but she has a sweet personality.  She learns pretty quickly and of course we know she's brilliant.  We were told she doesn't talk, but makes noises (says "dada" when she's overwhelmed), but she DEFINITELY repeated the word mama for us a couple of times.

As shared earlier as well, she had heart surgery in her past.  This was new information to us, though we knew she had a heart issue. (CHD is what her file said.) We now await the mandarin medical files.  The precious director said she will email them to us so we can get them translated.

We found a scar down Hope's chest when changing her and a protruding bone under the skin.  Please pray no heart related issues come up, though she shows no sign of them.

Little Hope was so tired tonight, as well as her Mommy (and Amy).  I rocked her, sung to her, brought her to bed with me, and finally laid her down in her crib (thinking that it was the only way she may sleep since that's what she's used to).  She very quickly starting crying and reaching out to me.  I think she's afraid I will go away (mixed with unfamiliar surroundings).

Finally I put the carrier on which limited our little wiggle worm.  I wanted to at least introduce this blessing from God to the world of prayer warriors.  This is where she finally fell asleep.

I also wanted to really talk to my husband before I posted.

He got my "roller coaster".  I am praising God for having our Hope, but admit there is a part that mourns for what I see and what she went through without family.  The meeting day is full of elation, mourning, exhaustion, PRAISE, LOVE, and sadness.  So much emotion is rolled up into one brief moment of time.  It always is...and my husband/best friend is the one that gets that more than anything.

He heard his daughter for the first time on the phone.  In the morning we hope to Skype (it's the middle of the night right now) and prayerfully she will be able to meet her siblings.   (Oh how I miss the kids and they have been waiting for her!)  We have an earlyish morning and a long day tomorrow.  I look forward to getting her in a bath and in the sweet clothing so many gave.

God gave us Hope.  He gave us hope in his SON and now a little inkling of his beauty here on earth in our new daughter.

Thank you for your prayers friends and joining us in this adventure to Hope~Glory and Grace~Victory.  We do have immanent prayers below.  Hugs and much love from across the world!!!!

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving

    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations."

Psalm 100:4-5


Please pray friends...
*For Hope to learn to suck/drink quickly.
*That she starts sleeping better and longer.
*That her heart condition shows NO issues.
*I'm getting chills tonight, thus up in the wee hours.  I've taken meds and will do oils and bump up vitamins in the morning.  Can you pray I don't get sick PLEASE?  Thank you!
*Please pray for my mama heart.  It's aching (praising and aching).
*For Hope~Glory~ Her life has been rocked.  WE know it's a beautiful thing and blessing, but everything is unfamiliar.  We don't look, smell, or sound like her.  (Picture being handed to someone you don't know, have never seen before, and told they are your new family and to go with them.)
*Please pray there are no hiccups, paperwork or otherwise during this entire trip across the world. The next days are FULL of paperwork.
*That Amy and I's bodies are strong and there is no pain and we feel AWAKE and ALERT.   Please also pray there are NO health issues period during our trip...NONE AND WE GET SOME SLEEP.
*Please pray the weather is unseasonably cool in both regions we will be in.  It's not the most important prayer, very possibly the least, but we appreciate it.  Please pray no matter what the weather it doesn't effect us negatively. (When I say "hot", I mean sticky, sweaty, steam bath, sauna, dripping wet, fogged up sunglasses hot.)
*Please pray for our kids and families hearts (ours too) and safety.  This is the hard part, leaving them.  Peace that passes understanding is a good thing.
*Please pray that there is NO lost luggage during any of our trip.  Though we pack a set of clothing in carryons, this is something we hope we don't have to face. (smile).



2.  I feel a deep need to have everyone join us in prayer for the attachment of our girls.  Please pray they have NO attachment issues and attach to us as a family very quickly.  We pray that GRACE and HOPE have NO issues with attachment...NONE (that God prepares them as well).

3.  We ask for prayers also that Grace and Hope are good sleepers.  I know that may sound trivial, but knowing what can happen (we've had it both ways) we know if they can sleep (both in country and at home), transition will go much smoother.

. 4. For Grace and Hope, that they are healthy, loved on, and protected. Please pray that they dream of us and attach quicker than ANYONE could imagine.

5. PLEASE pray protection against ALL of satan's schemes.  He's been messing with our family and with Amy and her family.  PLEASE pray a strong concrete, cement, gold, silver (smile) wall between our lives and his schemes.

6.  That we have "more than enough" for this trip.  Please pray all trip plans to land within our budget.  GOD IS GOOD! We have confidence our trip will, but prayers do NOT hurt!

7. Please pray for Thomas and I's anxiety/stress.  Life is keeping us going a million miles an hour and peace that passes understanding would be very very welcome!  (Prayers for physical strength as well for both of us)


9. That my traveling companion (Amy) and I stay well (completely) within country and are safe....not even a nauseous stomach which commonly happens at least once.

 10. That God uses us/speaks through us while we are there, see what we need to see and doing what we need to do.

11. That our families are safe while we are apart and that it is a peaceful (and safe) time for them.

12. For Timothy's complete healing...and that he has walking and running in his future (smile).  That his pain is minimal.

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