Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Invisible Door ~ Guangzhou (Day 7)

First, I'm not sure if all of you saw our post from yesterday.  Timothy took his first step after surgery!!! The PT had him holding onto a walker.  His Daddy said HE WALKED!!! (Mama tears)

Our little miss here did big things today too.

Saturday, July 15, 2017 (Day 7)

We were up at four am.  We got three of four hours of sleep maybe.  We needed to head down to the lobby at just after 5am (to leave at 5:30 to make our flight to Guangzhou).

Side note: It may not have helped that we had an AMAZING piece of cake that we had found while walking.  It was a coffee cake and we didn't know it.  Actually we call it our espresso cake.  It was the BEST cake EVER...and we ate it anyway.  Once you take a bite it starts calling your name!

It was better than this cake (below).  Which was supposed to be Tiramisu and we call our bite size yuppy cake (chuckle).  It was pretty, but that's about it. (Laughing)

As we waited, our guide David showed up, keeping us hooked up as usual (he had ordered breakfast for us to go).  The car wasn't here though...and wasn't here...and wasn't here.  Finally we heard from the driver and there were police barricades that didn't allow him to get to the hotel.  We never did figure out why.

David, men from the hotel (with our luggage), and Amy and I ran about a block and a half to be able to get to our van.  Interestingly, our luggage did not all fit in, so they popped it on the top of the car.  There were rails to hold it in and David said they tied it down.

We were glad at the time that we didn't know that it wasn't tied down, those were our luggage straps that David saw.  (Deep breath...chuckle)  The excellent and slow driver saved our bags.  Everyone made it to the airport safety.

What we didn't realize is five flights had been cancelled the day before and it was going to be CROWDED (and we were already later than planned).

Our guide got us to the front of the line multiple 
times so we wouldn't miss our flight.  

They bused us out to these steps.

This was Lil' Miss's first flight.  She LOVES motion and did FANTASTIC.  Amy and I almost died carrying all the carry-on luggage (and child) to the plane.  Yup, no exaggeration...a shoulder fell off and we just picked it up, reattached, and went on.

This was at takeoff and you can see her face
trying to figure out exactly what was going on.  She 
did NOT want to lean back and didn't seem
even slightly scared!

She rocked herself until she fell asleep in a forward position.
Amy and I used her neck pillow and the airline blankets to create something
a tiny bit comfy.

Yup, this is the best group 
photo we could do.  Amy is
taking blackmail pics of me that
I won't post.  I told her that I know 
where she sleeps (wink).

When you get off the flight, the stroller (bought almost the last day in Guiyang) wasn't there.  They put it with your baggage.  One thing you don't know is that little miss doesn't know how to balance herself while being carried.  It's really awkward and eventually painful.  We felt like we couldn't take another step by the time we got to baggage claim.

We met out guide Ying (or Cordelia-her English name).  We call her "Ing" (which is how it's pronounced).  She got us to our hotel.  I've never stayed at this one before.  It's BEYOND a five star hotel, no joke.  The prices are like a Holiday Inn in the States though.  We suspect special adoption rates.  Here's just a glimpse of it.  There WILL be more pictures.

That's a waterfall outside...ONE of them.

Hope just looks adorable here.

We then have the door to our room.  It's a super spy door that we believed would have a magic super secret lab behind it.  We were totally disappointed it didn't (wink).  Though you can see the door to our room from this picture.  When you are walking down the hall (will get another picture later) you cannot see the doors.  IT IS WILD!!!  Inside the door is leather too. This is SUCH a nice hotel!

That's our guide.

Right by the door is a mini bar.
It even has a Kuerig.  We pulled everything out 
of the mini bar and stacked it high though.  We didn't want to
pay $10 for a water.

Here's ANOTHER waterfall you can see from our room!

Our room~there are two cribs at the end of the beds

There's a bath tub right there.  I kind of went...hmmm....Amy and
I aren't that close.

Until I realized there were blinds.

I just think this pictures are SO sweet
with the bubbles.

Just had to post the adorable backpacks our hotel gives the kids!  TOO CUTE!!!

We are now here, taking custody of Grace on Sunday (tomorrow for us).

Oh, I promised little miss Hope~Glory news!  She, on her own, reached up and pulled herself up to a standing position on me! Four days and she's making HUGE strides each day!!!!

Thank you guys for joining us in our craziness!  It's been a blast...just remember that we are sleep deprived and to ignore my blog post bloopers.  I've found several over the days.

Hugs and Love from Guangzhou!!!!


Please pray friends...
*For Hope to learn to suck/drink quickly.
*That she starts sleeping better and longer. That she relaxes into sleep without tears of fear.
*That her heart condition shows NO issues.
*For Hope's health and my health (Amy's OF COURSE too).  Please pray Hope's fever doesn't come back and my yuck (whatever it is) goes away.
*For Hope~Glory and Grace~Victory: Their lives have and will be rocked.  WE know it's a beautiful thing and blessing, but everything is unfamiliar.  We don't look, smell, or sound like her.  (Picture being handed to someone you don't know, have never seen before, and told they are your new family and to go with them.)
*Please pray there are no hiccups, paperwork or otherwise during this entire trip across the world. 
*That Amy and I's bodies are strong and there is no pain and we feel AWAKE and ALERT.   Please also pray there are NO health issues period during our trip...NONE AND WE GET SOME SLEEP.
*Please pray the weather is unseasonably cool in both regions we will be in.  It's not the most important prayer, very possibly the least, but we appreciate it.  Please pray no matter what the weather it doesn't effect us negatively. (When I say "hot", I mean sticky, sweaty, steam bath, sauna, dripping wet, fogged up sunglasses hot.)
*Please pray for our kids and families hearts (ours too) and safety.  This is the hard part, leaving them.  Peace that passes understanding is a good thing.
*Please pray that there is NO lost luggage during any of our trip.  Though we pack a set of clothing in carryons, this is something we hope we don't have to face. (smile).
*Please pray for Tom, Elizabeth, and Alessandra that they find joy, new friends, and a beautiful rhyth in their new duty station.



2.  I feel a deep need to have everyone join us in prayer for the attachment of our girls.  Please pray they have NO attachment issues and attach to us as a family very quickly.  We pray that GRACE and HOPE have NO issues with attachment...NONE (that God prepares them as well).

3.  We ask for prayers also that Grace and Hope are good sleepers.  I know that may sound trivial, but knowing what can happen (we've had it both ways) we know if they can sleep (both in country and at home), transition will go much smoother.

. 4. For Grace and Hope, that they are healthy, loved on, and protected. Please pray that they dream of us and attach quicker than ANYONE could imagine.

5. PLEASE pray protection against ALL of satan's schemes.  He's been messing with our family and with Amy and her family.  PLEASE pray a strong concrete, cement, gold, silver (smile) wall between our lives and his schemes.

6.  That we have "more than enough" for this trip.  Please pray all trip plans to land within our budget.  GOD IS GOOD! We have confidence our trip will, but prayers do NOT hurt!

7. Please pray for Thomas and I's anxiety/stress.  Life is keeping us going a million miles an hour and peace that passes understanding would be very very welcome!  (Prayers for physical strength as well for both of us)


9. That my traveling companion (Amy) and I stay well (completely) within country and are safe....not even a nauseous stomach which commonly happens at least once.

 10. That God uses us/speaks through us while we are there, see what we need to see and doing what we need to do.

11. That our families are safe while we are apart and that it is a peaceful (and safe) time for them.

12. For Timothy's complete healing...and that he has walking and running in his future (smile).  That his pain is minimal.

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