Thursday, July 6, 2017

Super Quick Prayer Requests- Immanent Request

There a lot of mini explosions going on right now.  Nothing horrible, but mini issues.  We could use prayers for quick resolution.

1. We have a wire for travel fees issue (a wire that has already gone).  Can you please pray it's resolved quickly and the travel company can pick it up with no issues.  The wrong thing was put in the "purpose" line that makes it so they can't pick it up, BUT a follow up note with the correction was sent.  Please pray the follow up note is enough and they CAN pick it up by tonight (our time).

2. A fee is held on a debit or credit card by every hotel (when we check in) for incidentals.  We don't have this extra money to be "held" by three hotels.  We are requesting a credit card (that we hold) that has a very low limit.... to up our limit just for this purpose (money to be held).  We can reduce the limit again once we come home.  It is under consideration now and if done would make things a lot smoother.  It can take a couple days and we just requested it yesterday.  We don't love credit, but want to use this for the "hold" hotels put on a card.  Can you please pray for the person's heart that is looking at it that they approve a raise of our limit?  There is a chance they won't due to medical bills we are still paying on that are higher.

3. Our little girls beautiful nation just changed their adoption rules and they will effect many.  Can you pray for the children and the families effected?  This is heart rending stuff.

4. Can you please pray blessing on an early morning meeting for a member of my family.

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  1. Goodness we had to use credit cards to adopt 2 of our blessings! LOL! They are 22 and 16 now and I just paid it off this year! You do what you have to do! We are praying! (((HUGS))))


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