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Passport, Medicals, and a Bit of Shopping (Day 11 & 12)

As you can tell, I'm a few days behind on blogging.  I know you understand why though.   Lack of sleep makes things a bit harder.  As it is, Grace actually went to sleep a bit earlier tonight, but I JUST got Miss Hope to sleep (11:00 pm).

Today we visited Grace's orphanage, but that's for another post.  It didn't seem to trigger Grace, but DID trigger a memory in Hope.  Her hypervigilance came back full on tonight.

So, at 11:00 pm I'm now trying to play a little catch up.

I will be posting one of my most important posts in the morning (tonight for most of you).  As I said, we visited the orphanage today.  It was a hard one to write and I actually wrote it first to capture the day quickly.

Day 11~Passports (Wednesday July 19th, 2017)

Today was pretty uneventful in the "what did you do" picture.

In a bigger picture it was vitally important.

We had an appointment to apply for Grace's passport.  We already have Hope's.  I think I won't feel completely comfortable until we get through our U.S. consulate appointment next week.  The passport is a necessary step though.

We've met so many adoptive families here.  We've heard so many God stories.

Today at the passport office was no different.  I can't share their stories, because they are not mine to share.  Shannon and her family have a beautiful one though.

It was an in and out appointment and only took about a half an hour.  We wandered around our hotel a bit after the appointment, but basically had a uneventful day.  Uneventful is good...

That doesn't mean we didn't get some adorable pictures though.

Grace laughs and laughs now.

After bath we didn't want the girls to get chilly, thus the
bear hoodie.  I LOVE Hope's face.  She is a hoot!

Sweet Grace and Her Smile

This is getting not brushed...and in my jammies.
I was also wet after giving two little splashers a bath.  Hope is making a face again! (chuckle)

Sweet Grace!

Both the girls conked out on the floor.  They 
were sound asleep and we didn't have the heart to move them.

Day 12~Medicals and a Bit of Shopping (Thursday July 21, 2017)

In international adoption, all children have to have a thorough medical evaluation and TB test.  This time was no different.  It's not fun though...really not fun.

We got the girls ready and they looked adorable!

Little Miss Grace has had an upset tummy lately and a (what we call) 23-19 ensued.  This is a diaper that needs ALL HANDS ON DECK.

They still looked cute, though no longer matched.
Though Grace looks big here, she's only in 6-9 month clothing
and Hope is in 18 months.

We RAN (running late) to breakfast.

This is the outdoor part of our hotel restaurant.

We met our guide in the lobby after breakfast to start our five part medical day.  

It started with getting their pictures needing to be taken for their medicals.

Grace curled up on Amy.

These girls were tired of being out AND tired of the strollers.

At the medical appointment.

LOVE that smile!

This door is the only part we didn't like. 
They take your child behind that door and take
blood for a TB test.  It's the only of the steps 
you cannot go into.

Hope did not like this.  
We did find out Grace is 18.7 lbs at three and a half years old.  Hope is 23.1 lbs at two years old.

Not knowing how many free days we would have, we went to explore a local "island" (not really an island).  It's is right by the hotel I stayed at the last two times I was here, so I was very familiar with the area.

Food came first...of course.

Little Hope doing Karate.

Wait, I can do it too!

This was a HUGE photo shoot.  They happen all
around the island, but this one was the biggest we had
seen so far.

One of the shops

Just the beauty of the area...

Okay, now this one just cracked us up.  Amy snapped this picture.  It was placed on a small step of a hotel and said, "Carefully slide".  I admit wanting to sit on the step and slide down.

All adoptive families were invited to a night celebrating new children at our hotel.  We had a wonderful talk with a new friend Angela, her awesome husband, and new son.  Talk about a God story!!!

Well, I know this blog is probably a tad boring, but it's now midnight and if I don't write it tonight, I may never write it.  Thanks for hanging in there with us and for the many prayers!  Please continue to pray for Grace.  Even though Hope kept us up later, once she's asleep, she sleeps well.  Grace wakes up every hour or an hour and a half.  We desperately need sleep.

 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28


Please pray friends...

*For Grace to feel comfortable and show us her beautiful self. PLEASE PRAY SHE SLEEPS with NO FEAR.
*For Hope to learn to suck/drink quickly.
*For my eyes, they started itching and when that went away they started feeling swollen (and are a bit bloodshot).  Part of my inner eye on one eye actually looks wrinkled (but doesn't hurt) Please pray for complete healing NOW.
*That Hope's heart condition shows NO issues.
*For Hope and Grace's health.... and my and Amy's health too.  
*For Hope~Glory and Grace~Victory: Their lives have been rocked.  WE know it's a beautiful thing and blessing, but everything is unfamiliar.  We don't look, smell, or sound like her.  (Picture being handed to someone you don't know, have never seen before, and told they are your new family and to go with them.)
*Please pray there are no hiccups, paperwork or otherwise during this entire trip across the world. 
*That Amy and I's bodies are strong and there is no pain and we feel AWAKE and ALERT.   Please also pray there are NO health issues period during our trip...NONE AND WE GET SOME SLEEP.
*Please pray the weather is unseasonably cool in both regions we will be in.  It's not the most important prayer, very possibly the least, but we appreciate it.  Please pray no matter what the weather it doesn't effect us negatively. (When I say "hot", I mean sticky, sweaty, steam bath, sauna, dripping wet, fogged up sunglasses hot.)
*Please pray for our kids and families hearts (ours too) and safety.  This is the hard part, leaving them.  Peace that passes understanding is a good thing.
*Please pray that there is NO lost luggage during any of our trip.  Though we pack a set of clothing in carryons, this is something we hope we don't have to face. (smile).
*Please pray for Tom, Elizabeth, and Alessandra that they find joy, new friends, and a beautiful rhythm in their new duty station.



2.  I feel a deep need to have everyone join us in prayer for the attachment of our girls.  Please pray they have NO attachment issues and attach to us as a family very quickly.  We pray that GRACE and HOPE have NO issues with attachment...NONE (that God prepares them as well).

3.  We ask for prayers also that Grace and Hope are good sleepers.  I know that may sound trivial, but knowing what can happen (we've had it both ways) we know if they can sleep (both in country and at home), transition will go much smoother.

4. PLEASE pray protection against ALL of satan's schemes.  He's been messing with our family and with Amy and her family.  PLEASE pray a strong concrete, cement, gold, silver (smile) wall between our lives and his schemes.

5. Please pray for Thomas and I's anxiety/stress.  Life is keeping us going a million miles an hour and peace that passes understanding would be very very welcome!  (Prayers for physical strength as well for both of us)


7. That my traveling companion (Amy) and I stay well (completely) within country and are safe....not even a nauseous stomach which commonly happens at least once.

 8. That God uses us/speaks through us while we are there, see what we need to see and doing what we need to do.

9. That our families are safe while we are apart and that it is a peaceful (and safe) time for them.

10. For Timothy's complete healing...and that he has walking and running in his future (smile).  That his pain is minimal.

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