Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Introducing Hope~Glory Amberlyn Xian


Though I will write later (in the middle of the night.very possibly), we ask for a few prayers now.

She is PRECIOUS, first and foremost, but has a long way to go with no muscle tone. 

We ask for prayers that she learns how to suck quickly.  We see the ability, but right now she is taking all liquid by spoon.  We were told she does not take a bottle.  She can suck, but needs practice and persistence.  She especially needs hydration.  We are adding liquids to her food and spoon feeding her, but she really needs more.  Please pray the "suck" we see becomes a complete understanding and it "clicks"  NOW.

Right now we ALL  need sleep desperately and Hope fears me going away, thus hypervigilance.  She won't sleep and is exhausted.  I finally laid her down in her crib, knowing sleep for HER was of utmost importance and maybe she'd have to go to sleep in the crib (instead of my arms) until she was used to us....since it's all she knows.   She cried for me (which is a good thing, but she NEEDS sleep) and I immediately responded.  There is NO crying it out when she needs to gain trust and attachment. Right now I have her in the baby carrier so I can type this.  We all need sleep and have a very long day tomorrow.  Please pray she sleeps well and SOON.

Please also pray her heart condition shows no issues in country.  She had a heart surgery a year or so ago we found (once we took custody).  She has a small bone protruding on her chest where it shouldn't be.  The medical records are being emailed to us (by a wonderful and kind director), but are in Mandarin.  She shows NO sign of issue, but we appreciate the prayers.

God has blessed us with Hope~Glory.  HE IS SO GOOD!  
Please join us in prayer for our newest daughter.

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