Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PT and Eleven Days

Yes, I know I'm posting twice in one day.  Yup, I know this just.doesn't.happen.

It was a good day though.

We are fully funded and though today I heard an aspect of the adoption side of the trip may be a tad more expensive, it looks to be covered already.  God is SO good!!!!

I have a very important reason for throwing a quick second post out there today.  We went to Timothy's physical therapy earlier and I came out with some ADORABLE pictures.  I had to share.

Yes, I am THAT mom.

Tell me they aren't adorable.  Oh my we love these kids!

I try to hide my emotional roller coaster, but they know I don't enjoy leaving them.  The kids are excited though.  They want their baby sisters home SO bad!!! We all do!!!

Random thought of the night: I think we may go to the Dollar Tree next week and have them make pictures for the girls area.

So, I'm headed to bed.  We appreciate all prayer.  I'm TOO sleepy (like typing with my eyes closed) to  write much more, but God is good and we are celebrating here!

Thank you for helping us get to this point!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!!!


If you are wanting to get something for the girls or are one of the people asking about our needs right now, here's the link to our registry.  On a cool note, I made this registry long time ago as a list initially for us to buy (thus not a lot on there as we'd purchase slowly).  I set the "due date" as July 9th...THE DAY WE LEAVE.  I set this date MONTHS before we ever got a travel date.  GOD IS SO COOL!!!!


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