Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Than Enough-To Hope and Grace

We have more than enough love for you Grace and Hope.  It's so easy to love you.

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them 
all together in perfect unity.
Colossians 3:14

We have more than enough time to fit you two onto our laps.  So many snuggles are waiting, so many brothers and sisters too.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do
 not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

We have more than enough room for you to cuddle down into the covers in your own beds.

And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands 
on them and blessed them.
Mark 10:16

We have more than enough smiles to help coax giggles from you, laughter being one of our love languages.  I can hear faintly an echo of your giggles already.  We ache to hear your first belly laugh.

Our mouths were filled with laughter,

    our tongues with songs of joy.
Psalm 126:2a

We have more than enough.

No mountain will stop what GOD has put in motion.

$4160  is CHUMP CHANGE to OUR GOD!

This mountain will fall too and you will be in our arms before you know it!

Every valley shall be raised up,

    every mountain and hill made low;
the rough ground shall become level,
    the rugged places a plain.
Isaiah 40:4

YES, I will ugly cry Grace.  Forgive your mommy...we've just fought to bring you home for so long.  My heart can barely handle the thought.

We love you both so much.  We know the road ahead has just begun as you learn what a family is.  We will walk it with you...loving you through it all.

In around three weeks girls...three weeks, many prayers, and the last financial hurdle will be overcome and we will be there.

You have a family and most of all a GOD that loves you.  HE is the BEST and we can't wait for you to know HIM.  HE is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH.


If you don't know what's going on, please read Mountains Crumble...It Happened!!! Peel Me Off the Ceiling!

If you hear God nudging your heart or speaking to your spirit about helping bring our girls home....

*Feel free to share our need with anyone God leads you to.  We had $140 come in within the last two days.  We now only need $4160!

*You can email us at 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net and we will share our phone number (if you'd like to chat) or  address.  

*The LifeSong for Orphans account has been left open IF that avenue is better (For Grace and Hope).  It IS tax deductible.  There may not be time to mail a check directly to LifeSong, have it processed there, and have it sent to us though.  Giving through them online has a small fee taken out, but is quicker.  We will only be keeping our account through LifeSong open for another week.  We would love to keep it open longer, but need to insure we have enough time to receive any funds donated through them before we travel.  Our total will need to reach $11,000 on LifeSong to be fully funded.  

*Our PayPal address can be used (using the "Family and Friends" method) to 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net.  

*If you have an idea that may help, please feel free to email us as well. We never know how God may work!!!

Whatever avenue you feel comfortable with, thank you.  
Thank you for answering the call that will change the life of two little girls and our family forever.

  Thank you for the sacrifice...just thank you.


PRAYER REQUESTS: (They are now all


2.  I feel a deep need to have everyone join us in prayer for the attachment of our girls.  Please pray they have NO attachment issues and attach to us as a family very quickly.  We have been in the adoption world enough to know severe attachment issues exist.  We pray that GRACE and HOPE have NO issues with attachment...NONE (that God prepares them as well).

. 3. For Grace and Hope, that they are healthy, loved on, and protected. Please pray that they dream of us and attach quicker than ANYONE could imagine.

4.  PLEASE PRAY FOR $4,160 in THREE WEEKS and please pray for those individuals God is touching to help us financially bring home the girls.

5. Please pray for Thomas and I to see clearly where God is leading and what WE are to do.

6.  Please pray that I can fully recover and can gain strength before travel comes (both Thomas and I on the last part...physical strength)

7. That my traveling companion (Amy) and I stay well (completely) within country and are safe....not even a nauseous stomach which commonly happens at least once.

 8. That God uses us/speaks through us while we are there, see what we need to see and doing what we need to do.

9. That our families are safe while we are gone and that it is a peaceful (and safe) time for them.

10. For Timothy's complete healing...and that he has walking and running in his future (smile).  That his pain is minimal.

11. Please pray for the Stewart family as they mourn the loss of their father, grandfather, and great grandfather, uncle, brother, and loved one.

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