Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lysol Wrist Shooters and One Little Shirt

I haven't had much time to write lately.  As I sit here I have two sick with Strep (one being my husband).  I've strapped on my Spiderman Lysol wrist shooters and got out the quarantine tape.

Though we tied up this week with Strep, it was actually a pretty full week.

Last Thursday we had our one year post placement visit for Timothy.  Timothy arrived in the United States on May 6th, 2016.

In the last year Dr. VanBosse (of Philadelphia Shiners) has used the gifts God has given him and made it so that soon Timothy will be ready to walk.  He put his hips in reformed hip sockets and moved his feet so they are now flat.  THAT is unbelievable.

Friday we had his mid six week body cast/spica cast x-rays.  He WILL be walking...all in almost one year.

It's wild that one year ago today...EXACTLY today..Lexi (my traveling buddy/family) and I got on a plane to travel to Timothy's country.

Side note: It's only been a year since we left and we are almost at the same stage (waiting to travel for Grace and Hope).

Not only was this day special in the life of Timothy, but for Benjamin as well.  This day four years ago, we were in Eastern Europe receiving our paper referral for Benjamin.  He still waited in an adult mental institution, drugged, in a rural village....but he was now "locked in" to our family.  In only days we will celebrate the anniversary of meeting our (then) ten year old Benjamin.

Today we recover from illness.  Some of our youth group came over yesterday to trim broken limbs on our trees and trim overgrown bushes.

We thought Anna had asthma/allergies and took her to the clinic to have them listen to her chest.  Apparently Strep was hiding.  Within an hour (after working all day) Thomas (hubby) was down with it too.  He now has over a 102 fever.

So today, I REALLY hate to say it, we kept everyone home from Church.  This thing is virulent and we just DON'T want to spread it.  After all...there are a lot of us.

As Sarah (our oldest daughter) said yesterday, "We are EVERYWHERE!"  (Chuckle)

I slipped out this afternoon though.  I was looking for fattening foods for Benjamin who still struggles, even with the help of numerous specialists and specialized vitamins, with weight gain.

Since I was out, I of course looked at clothes for two new precious girls that will be in our arms in just a couple of months.  We can't afford much at one time and the size of our girls surprised us.  We still have a lot of needs for them, so we are buying when we can find sales (slowly).  Amazing friends sent us a box of brand new girl clothes.  Some will absolutely work for Hope at two years old (18 months), but tiny.  At 3 1/2 she is in the same size clothes (6-9 months) as our five month old granddaughter.

Grace and Hope

All that is share with you what we found today.  I really did have a point (smile).

I found something that made my heart explode and I immediately thought of our girls...and then of one special 15 year old, Alyssa, who now runs through Heaven.   Some of you may have an idea what it said already.

"World Changers"

Alyssa changed the world for so many.  Picturing her smile makes me smile.  Her life will send a ripple through future generations...maybe more like a tidal wave.

These little girls, very shortly no longer orphans, are more than "chromosomally enhanced" (smile), but world changers as well.

A matter a fact, I hope at some point to have that shirt made for all our children.

World Changers  
Isaiah 8:10

So today I ask you to specifically pray for the Ferguson family.  THEY are ALL world changers.  I don't know if they realize that.  Their faith, love, compassion.  I know they changed my life.

I also ask that you keep us in your prayers as we get closer to bringing our two little world changers home.

This verse...this verse reminds me of God's Strength.  It reminds me that God Wins.

God is with us and with HIM we can change the world.

"Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted;
    propose your plan, but it will not stand,

    for God is with us."

Isaiah 8:10

Side note: I've placed adoption related prayers and "ways to give" (if God leads you that direction) below.


 1. We have an interview for a grant on Monday night.  PLEASE pray (that if it's God's Will) we receive this grant.
2. Please pray that the step our adoption is at now goes quickly!!! (2nd step of immigration)

Please Pray...
1. For Timothy's complete healing...and that he has walking and running in his future (smile).
2. For Grace and Hope, that they are healthy, loved on, and protected. Please pray that they dream of us and attach quicker than ANYONE could imagine.
3. That, IF God Wills, we receive the waiver we've requested. Adoption fees are often not arbitrary, but pay for families and children's needs. We pray that only if this will not bring any hardship, that we may receive it the waiver.
4. That we hear from the (now) two grants we have yet to hear from. Please pray we receive at least one grant. It would help TREMENDOUSLY!  Receiving more than one more would be almost more than we could hope or imagine!
5. Please also pray for Thomas and I. Please pray we can use this time before travel to gain physical strength.
6. Lastly, we have several expenses that we normally would have taken care of with our tax return, but couldn't this year. Could you please pray for God's provision for these expenses...and the things we still need to gather for the girls.  This isn't typical...unless we are in the adoption  Thank you!
7. That my traveling companion (Amy) and I stay well (completely) within country and are safe.
 8. That God uses us/speaks through us while we are there, see what we need to see and doing what we need to do.
9. That our families are safe while we are gone and that it is a peaceful time for them.


We still have $12,000-$13,000 to raise.

Other Ways to Give:

1.  LifeSong is still accepting tax deductible donations on our behalf, even though the matching grant is met.   You can also mail a check to them with our family name and number in the memo line (it can be found in "My Story" in the link below).

2.PayPal- You can send money through PayPal "Friends and Family" to our email address 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net 
No money will be taken out and every penny will go toward our adoption!

3. You can mail a check directly to us.  It will be placed in a separate adoption account immediately.  You can email us at the above email and we will send our address.

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