Sunday, April 2, 2017

Discharge! (Day 11 of 13)

We have been discharged!  The doctors are not worried about the fevers.  They feel they are just to be expected with the trauma to his body.

Bill and Jake helped us make it back to their house! 

We left with MUCH more stuff than we arrived. :-)

Heading home!!!

We are set up at our friend's house.  Timothy has smiled more when he saw Bill, Chris Ann, Elizabeth, and Jake than he has this whole time. 

He spent a few minutes crying from pain, but it was very few.  He still has catheters for pain down both legs until tomorrow night.   Compared to what he was hooked up to THAT is WONDERFUL!!!

Please continue to pray for....
*Quick and complete healing (with no issues)
*For me to be able to stay on top of the pain
*For ease in travel (no issues) on Tuesday (that people are willing to help, including TSA, airlines, ect.)
*For our family back home, for safety and health.

*Please continue to pray for Grace and Glory, that they are safe and cared for.  Things (not with our adoption) are happening in their country.  The country is trying to keep kids safe and it's a rough road.
*Please also pray that our matching grant is met AND we can get fully funded very quick. 
*We are applying for a waiver for a fee for the adoption of the girls.  It's not given all the time (only a certain number).  Please pray that it is within God's Will and we get it.  Thank you!
*We have two more small grants we applied for.  Please pray we hear something either way and that, if possible, we receive one.

*MOST OF ALL...Please pray we glorify God in ALL of this!

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
I Corinthians 15:57

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