Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Saw a Smile (Day 8 of 13)

Being taken to a CT Scan  earlier 
this morning

Today we've definitely seen improvement in Timothy's spirit.  He spontaneously smiled at me and I even got him to lightly laugh a couple times.

A friend (Jack from the Church here) visited and I'm wondering if that helped him a bit to remember the outside world.

Somewhere around mid day he seemed to start trying to find joy again.  Seeing that did my mama heart good.

There's that sweet smile!

We are still having issues with his oxygen.   When we bring his oxygen saturation up, his high heart rate goes right back down to normal.  The issue is oxygen.  Even as I type this his oxygen level dipped to 90 while on supplemental oxygen.  We've been working on breathing exercises, which seem to help.

Please continue to pray for his oxygen saturation to reach the 98-100 range without any help.  Right now he has a nasal cannula.  He was off it for a bit the first night, but today they had to put him back on it.

He's still in pain, but it seems a bit more manageable now.  Tomorrow they plan on removing the epidural and Foley catheter and using the two catheters down the outside of his leg (placed for pain).  Please continue to pray we can stay ahead of the pain.

Then if all goes well they will move him from PICU to the regular floor.  (Come on oxygen levels!)  I admit that having our own personal bathroom does sound wonderful (smile).  Even the nurses have to exit PICU and go across the floor to the parent bathroom and shower.

It seems so far off to be home by Tuesday, but we are praying for NO complications.

We both miss the kids (and Daddy) back home so much.  Timothy asks regularly to go home.  I was hoping to have the kids talk to Timothy tonight, but Timothy's asleep now, so we will have to wait and see.

So this has been an eventful, non eventful day.  Timothy is making improvements (YEAH!!!) and a step back (needing to go back on oxygen) is fairly normal for a recovering body.

Thank you everyone for praying!


Please continue to pray for Grace and Hope!  Please pray that God keeps them safe and they dream of us.  Please pray they attach quicker than we could ever imagine to BOTH of us.  Please also pray we are not only able to meet our matching grant, but go way beyond it quickly.

Please pray for our family back home...strength, health, that we are all brought back together soon and safely.

I want to put this on every blog, though it's not our focus right now, Timothy is.  Yet our girls still very much matter.  They need to come home.  They need to be given love and care.  If I don't write about them a ton right now, it's not that they are far from my heart.  It's that they are snuggly in there even while I hold the hand of their brother.  So, here it goes....

We continue to ask for prayerful support as we seek to meet our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans. We long to bring our newest daughter's home. We raise $4000 and they will double it.  We cannot use any of our own money.  Money can be donated online or a check can be sent (with our family name and number on it) sent directly to them.  The directions are on the same link below.  We have been told to expect (if normal can be expected) our next paper for the girls within the week.

LifeSong for Orphans Matching Grant~Family #6758

Taken two years ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be 3 1/2 when coming home.  We will have longed 
for her to be here for two years at that point.  Yes, I will 
be a mess when I see her for the first time.  She will
think her mommy is a psycho (chuckle).

Taken over a year ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be two when we meet her for the first time...actually, she turned two 
this week.  Oh, my Mama heart!

 "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power."
Ephesians 6:10

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