Monday, March 27, 2017

Valleys and Mountains (Day 5 of 13)

I told one of my friends today...
"Ya, I'm processing big things pretty well.  It's like big things make no room to handle little things on my plate.  Guess that makes sense..."

Little things happened all not being able to find Timothy's sippy cup before we left (he has TWO) walking into an occupied bathroom that someone didn't my nothing coming out of my mouth walking into an occupied exam room...

Don't we all have those days though?  Those days you feel like a lumbering seal flopping though a bunch of hard boiled eggs and banana peels.  (Hey, it gives a visual, right?  I can see you all tilting your heads to the side and looking confused.) In my sleep deprived state I was ready for the day to be over around 11:00.  Of course, convincing the day of that is not an easy thing to do.


We arrived at eight for Timothy's nine thirty casting appointment.  (Remember the train station and it will explain leaving that early.)

It was not easy or pleasant.  Even taking off the old casts was painful.  The camera didn't come out while he was in pain.

I promise, he was fine there.

There were many many many tears.  His feet are just so sensitive from being stretched and shifted so much.  They look wonderful though.

The more they do with casting now, the less they will have to do surgically.

The pain was just not good though....not good at all.

We stuck around for much of the rest of the day to see the hand surgeon.

He looked like a intense professor or intellectual.  Not the bow tie type, but the "so smart that he has to work to explain it to everyday peeps".  He was humble, not arrogant, but very impressive. He seems to agree with a previous choice of taking a wedge shape bone out of Timothy's wrist to create flexibility.  That's another surgery for the future.

Did I mention that during that appointment Timothy and I fell asleep.  Yup, you read that right.  We fell asleep for about five minutes while waiting for the doctor.  I woke myself up as I started to feel myself fall to the side in the chair.

There is a first time for everything.  Told you I was a bit tired.  (I admit it makes me chuckle.)

Unfortunately we had some hard news today.  One of our teens friends "M" is in the hospital and it's very serious.  That's all I can share, but can you please Please PLEASE pray for her? I left the hospital with a heavy heart.  It's all a bit unreal.  It's pretty intensively on my heart and mind right now.

When we FINALLY left around 5:30 pm, we swung by Walgreens and Walmart.  We got Timothy a small Captain America toy to match his casts.  We don't normally do this, but this kid is TOUGH and I wanted to do something a little special.

What I didn't expect was that I would end up crying in the middle of the aisle at Walmart...scratch that...SOBBING.  People must have though I was CRAZY (with a capital C).  I was a mess...big ol' ugly crying.

It wasn't for a hard or tired reason though.  IT WAS FOR PURE JOY!!!!


With tomorrow being a lazy day, I think I'll share it then.  (Yes, this made me laugh.  Hey, I needed it!)

So for now I will leave you with pics from home Sarah sent me today.  We just need my oldest and his family.  My mama heart is full.


Here are  our prayer requests:

*Ease to the pain in Timothy's feet.
*Physical strength for Kat
*Please pray for our teen's friend "M".  Please ask God to heal her.

General Medical Trip Prayer Requests:
*That the surgery goes better than ever expected and that God guides the surgeons hands and decisions. (Dr. VB)
*That there is minimal blood loss.
*That the casting is the least of extremes necessary (not splits position) and there is no swelling.
*That pain is less than expected and managed well.
*For Timothy to emotionally do well through this, trusting us.
*For healing to be thorough and no further surgeries necessary for his hips.
*For the trip back to be "doable" and very uneventful.
*I ask for prayers as well, for me.  Please pray I make the right decisions and am able to rest and stay well.
*Please pray for the family at home to stay safe and for it to be a peaceful time for them.

*Please pray God touches hearts and we can meet this matching grant in the next few weeks.
*Please pray God protects Grace and Glory.

*Please pray for the Smith family at the loss of their precious Daniel.
*Please pray for the Irons family as they loss their son Auggie unexpectedly.
*Please pray for the Kelly family.  This young family suffered the loss of the mother, father, and two of their children.  Please pray for their two remaining children and grandmother who survived the fire.  I cannot imagine.
*Please pray for my friend "M" who has a new blessing and is in the process of transition.  Please pray for NO hiccups between the many parties involved.
*Please pray for my friend "K" and her husband and child.  They are at the date of when their baby should've been born (who went to be with Jesus). 
*Please pray for many in the battle of discouragement/feeling of failure.  This seems to be the tactic the master of lies is using with MANY right now.  It's dark and a twisting that satan likes to do.  Please pray protection for all those facing this right now.
*Please pray for Brandi (someone precious to me) who is facing surgery on her leg right now, that it goes perfectly.

I do not hide your righteousness in my heart;
    I speak of your faithfulness and your saving help.
I do not conceal your love and your faithfulness
    from the great assembly.
Psalms 40:10


We continue to ask for prayerful support as we seek to meet our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans. We long to bring our newest daughter's home. We raise $4000 and they will double it.  We cannot use any of our own money.  Money can be donated online or a check can be sent (with our family name and number on it) sent directly to them.  The directions are on the same link below.  We have been told to expect (if normal can be expected) our next paper for the girls within the week.

LifeSong for Orphans Matching Grant~Family #6758

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