Friday, March 31, 2017

Transitioning Off Epidural = Not Fun (Day 9 of 13)

They turned off Timothy's epidural and morphine drip this morning.  They have put him on the meds he will be on when he gets home and started the pump that pushes meds that numb a bit into the catheters on each side of his leg.
We've had crying in pain (to the point of arching his back), frustration, and mad today bursting out of little man.  There is no making the pain go away 100%.   He's also itching under the casts, so they've given him Benedryl.
His oxygen level seems to be a bit higher (96 average) and they've taken off supplimental oxygen.
Please pray for successful oral pain management.  He's in pain and it makes my mama heart ache.


  1. Oh he's so sweet. Jesus, bless him and bear his pain!

  2. Poor little guy. I don't know if you are doing this, but video games can help distract kids and help with pain. I know it sounds weird, but it might be worth a try in this case. I'll be praying for you all too.


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