Monday, March 13, 2017

The One - No Pulling Punches

Four years ago today we were informed our son had died.  He lay in a "dying room" (as our social worker calls it) in Eastern Europe.  That's the truth through.  The living in that room was minimal.  His body was most likely thrown in a quickly dug hole and tossed in.

Is that too graphic?

I think sometimes that we trade truth for comfort.  This post isn't about comfort.

I woke up this morning feeling off, grumpy, out of sorts.  YESTERDAY I had remembered.  YESTERDAY I looked at today and a lump came into my throat.  This morning my daughter Sarah had to remind me.  Today was the day we got the call telling us Jonathan was dead.

Usually I post about our journey to Jonathan and the call, but today I will just share the link.  I have a lot more on my heart.

Jonathan's Story

I don't know how a child can die with not one person caring.  This world is full of passionate Christ followers.  Yet it happens daily.  Children die, hid away from the world.  Sometimes it's neglect or abuse.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a cold in a weakened body.

How in the world can this happen?!

I know some will look away, embarrassed I am exposing the rawness in this way.  I'm not embarrassed though.

Well, maybe I am.  I'm beyond embarrassed a child can die like that.  I'm horrified.  I'm not going to shoot off statistics saying "If every Christian adopts...."

I'm not talking to every Christian.  God knows the hearts of men and how HE has ordered their lives.

I'm talking to the one today...not many...the one.  I'm talking to the one who who longs to get dirty and uncomfortable.  I'm talking to the one who sees my children, their neighbor's children, the child of a friend at Church.... and says, "I can't do this.  I CAN'T, BUT GOD CAN."  I'm talking to the one who has a open raw wound that God created in you calling you to move in fear, pain, discomfort.  Calling you move....

I don't understand why children die alone.  I don't know that I ever will.  I DO know God has called us to more.  He has called us to be uncomfortable.  My heart cried with this song today...and then my daughter posted the second video.  My heart....oh my heart....

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