Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Children, The Friends...Giving Thanks

God knows....

I keep reminding myself of that.  God knows who is supposed to walk with us and support us as we travel to Grace~Victory and Hope~Glory.  It often is those that I don't expect or have never met in person.

Jennifer is one of those people.  A children's minister, she...her Church...and the children (oh my heart, THE CHILDREN) are walking with us toward Grace and Hope.  Look at these kids!!!

In ONE months time...ONE MONTH...these children (and their parents and Church) brought us closer to bringing Grace~Victory`and Hope~Glory home!  
(The Church added $500 to what the children brought and International Voice of the Orphan added another $100.) 

They raised $1,455.32 .

Thank you Lancaster Christian Church, Jenn and Mike, and LCC JAM Children's Program!!!!

I also want to say a special thank you to two year old Ameliya.  She went to her
piggy bank for her favorite "monies".  This is the most special of "monies" and will be going
to China with us.  Yup, it's already in my wallet.

Thank you friends!  You are a gift and treasure!  We are so moved that you 
would stand with those you don't even know...but then again, I think in our hearts we do 
know each other.

I also need to say thanks to one of my blog friends.  
Timothy's big surgery is coming up quick and Tia stepped in to fill
some of the needs that come along with it.  We desperately needed bigger onesies
to fit over casting.  She found some that I couldn't and sent them to us.  Not only that, but she also sent some things for the kids.  They were GIDDY!!!!

Not the best picture, but they were excited.

Thank you Tia!


Though I will write about this in a separate post, we have been offered a $4000 matching grant to help bring our girls home by LifeSong for Orphans! When we get to $4000, they will double it.  Yes, the total we need is much bigger and it's all tax deductible, but our first immediate goal is $4000.  We need all our friends.  We need this money to double.  We KNOW this is a sacrifice for you, but know that your donation is life for two gifts from God.  Just click on the picture below.  Thank you friends!

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