Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Surgery Over (Day 7 of 13)

I just talk to the doctor and for the first time today I cried...from gratefulness.  It wasn't weariness, exhaustion, or anything else.  Our son will walk.  I thank God.  I think Dr.VB for using his gift to bless our son.  He's truly a tender hearted doctor.  I almost made him get emotional.  He is a gift to our family.

Timothy did great.  The surgery itself (including closing) lasted close to seven hours.  He lost VERY LITTLE 50-60ml. 

His feet are flat.  They did a pelvic osteotomy (reshaping of the hip sockets using donor bone).  They shortened the bones on both legs by 3/4".  His hips are in socket.  He is casted from the chest to the tip of his toes in the wide leg cast with no bar.

He said sometimes is hard to get the casting in a way to insure the hip won't pop out.  He said he felt completely comfortable with Timothy's casting.

I believe God has been very present today.

I'm now waiting to see him in PICU, where he will be for at least two days....then three more days in the hospital. 

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  1. At Bible study now. Praising God for the good report!!!


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