Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday and Three Hearts (Day 4 of 13)

This is Timothy pretending to be asleep.

This is Mommy chuckling to herself.

Of course all the kids just called and told him they love him.  Who could sleep after that?!

Last night Timothy did a bit better.  The pain was about half of what it was the night before.  Tonight I laid him down early when he started telling me his feet hurt.   I let him play a video and keep his legs as flat as they will go.  The casts are just so heavy.

We made it to Church today, right after my oldest (Tom) gave me a call.  Man, I miss him.

 This Church feels like a second home (as well as the family I'm staying with now).  It really is a safe place...peaceful place...God knew I would need as we walked this journey.

They prayed over Timothy and I...just as I know our home congregation is praying.

Jacob, the son of the family we are staying with, served communion today.  Actually, all the young men lead worship services.  I normally don't take pictures, but my heart just exploded as Church started.  I'm so proud of the man that you can see Jacob is growing to be, as well as all these other young men...standing boldly (with a smidgen of nervousness) to proclaim their faith and to teach.

We came home from Church, tried to sleep, couldn't sleep very long because we really wanted to get to "our family" here, lost the keys in a ten foot area, finally found them, started to head out the door, diaper needed changing, started to head out the door again, shoe broke.

I'm going to take that as the master of lies knows JUST HOW GOOD it is when I stay with the family here and wanted to stop us from changing houses.

Either that or I'm losing my mind.  Either is a distinct possibility (chuckle).

Tonight has just been about talking to my own kids.  Max and Bekah answering their questions right at Church in "Are You Smarter than a Bible Bowler?"  The Littles giggling as I talked to them on the phone. Anna goofing.   Ben signing "Mommy" the second I talked to him, and then proceeded to act up because he doesn't know how to say, "I miss you and I'm sad."

I'm tired and ready to be home.  That's not a complaint, just my mommy reality right now.  My heart (like my mind) is in three places right now.

It's here with Timothy, wanting to protect him from the pain he is facing, but KNOWING this could have him walking this summer.  KNOWING it's an honor to be his Mommy and him walking (even through pain) is a gift we are being given.

My heart is with Grace and Glory, hold them and protect them, knowing I can't.  There's absolutely no authority I have yet...none.  I'm waiting on a paper and I'm waiting on finances.  Please continue to pray this paper finally comes through and for our matching grant to be met.  It's the last yes that we should need.  The other versions of "yes" are more of a given.  We were told it should be here (prayerfully) within the week.  Please pray for this.

My heart is with my family back home.  I miss them all.  I want to hold my kids.  I want to snuggle in my husband's arms and have him whisper that it's going to be okay.

I go to sleep with all these thing in my heart.

Tomorrow Timothy's feet will be cast again and we will be meeting with the doctor that specializes in hands (for Timothy's wrist).  It's a all day hospital visit.  Very likely the casting (or at least after) will be painful (based on what we were seeing with the last one).

GOD IS GOOD though.  He is Mighty.  One day we will be on the other side of this and Timothy will be walking.

One day we will all be together (including Grace and Glory), that is what I hold onto.


Here are  our prayer requests:

*Ease to the pain in Timothy's feet.
*Physical strength for Kat
*Our paper from Grace and Glory's country to come NOW.

General Medical Trip Prayer Requests:
*That the surgery goes better than ever expected and that God guides the surgeons hands and decisions. (Dr. VB)
*That there is minimal blood loss.
*That the casting is the least of extremes necessary (not splits position) and there is no swelling.
*That pain is less than expected and managed well.
*For Timothy to emotionally do well through this, trusting us.
*For healing to be thorough and no further surgeries necessary for his hips.
*For the trip back to be "doable" and very uneventful.
*I ask for prayers as well, for me.  Please pray I make the right decisions and am able to rest and stay well.
*Please pray for the family at home to stay safe and for it to be a peaceful time for them.

*Please pray our LOA comes in this week.
*Please pray God touches hearts and we can meet this matching grant in the next few weeks.
*Please pray God protects Grace and Glory.

*Please pray for the Smith family at the loss of their precious Daniel.
*Please pray for the Irons family as they loss their son Auggie unexpectedly.
*Please pray for the Kelly family.  This young family suffered the loss of the mother, father, and two of their children.  Please pray for their two remaining children and grandmother who survived the fire.  I cannot imagine.
*Please pray for my friend "M" who has a new blessing and is in the process of transition.  Please pray for NO hiccups between the many parties involved.
*Please pray for my friend "K" and her husband and child.  They are at the date of when their baby should've been born (who went to be with Jesus). 
*Please pray for many in the battle of discouragement/feeling of failure.  This seems to be the tactic the master of lies is using with MANY right now.  It's dark and a twisting that satan likes to do.  Please pray protection for all those facing this right now.
*Please pray for Brandi (someone precious to me) who is facing surgery on her leg right now, that it goes perfectly.

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.  We have confidence in the Lord that you are doing and will continue to do the things we command. May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.
2 Thessalonians 3:3-5


We continue to ask for prayerful support as we seek to meet our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans. We long to bring our newest daughter's home. We raise $4000 and they will double it.  We cannot use any of our own money.  Money can be donated online or a check can be sent (with our family name and number on it) sent directly to them.  The directions are on the same link below.  We have been told to expect (if normal can be expected) our next paper for the girls within the week.

LifeSong for Orphans Matching Grant~Family #6758

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