Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pain (Day 8 of 13)

Timothy is asleep.  I'm celebrating his sleep.

Last night was rough.  Timothy doesn't scream in pain, even with pain at this level.

He is so tough.

We would both fall asleep for a bit and then I'd here a barely audible whimper.

He had 3/4" taken off both of his legs, his feet reformed, his hip socket reformed, the ball of his hip reformed...and only a almost silent whimper.

It was hard staying on top of his pain last night.  He had an epidural in and a morphine drip (low dose) around the clock to try to stay on top of his pain.  He also is getting bigger shots of Morphine rotated with Valium,

This was taken after pain was under control and we were 
about to look at trying to sleep.  I take pictures so 
that we can all remember just how far we've come and 
just how much God has blessed us.

His nurse was wonderful though.  She kept an eye on his heart rate and when it started going up she would come and ask about pain.  Timothy doesn't always say anything unless it's REALLY bad.

This is my view at almost 7am.

He's so small.  I look at him and just keep thinking how small he is.

Several have asked about his hands.  His hands are just wrapped with so many IVs and tubes going in his body.  It keeps him from pulling everything off and also keeps his IV from shifting and such.   He has AT LEAST one IV going into each hand (actually two in one) and a monitor on a finger for his oxygen level.  If you haven't noticed, he is now off supplemental oxygen (smile).

(Have I mentioned how small he looks or that I just can't stop staring at him?)

Please pray especially for his complete and quick healing and pain levels.  I will put specific prayer requests below, but those are the most immediate.

Thank you for to so many Churches and individuals who have been praying....and thank you to those have messaged/texted/emailed me (or us) words of encouragement.  I haven't been able to respond to everyone, but KNOW each are read and mean so much.


Thank you as well to those who have given to helping Grace~Victory and Hope~Glory come home.  In the last 24 hours several have truly blessed us financially.  I need you to know, during this time...(how do I put this) has eased a concern.  We know God provides, but friends...even the $5 has made me smile and remember just that.  It matters. Thank you.

I want to put this on every blog, though it's not our focus right now, Timothy is.  Yet our girls still very much matter.  They need to come home.  They need to be given love and care.  If I don't write about them a ton right now, it's not that they are far from my heart.  It's that they are snuggly in there even while I hold the hand of their brother.  So, here it goes....

We continue to ask for prayerful support as we seek to meet our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans. We long to bring our newest daughter's home. We raise $4000 and they will double it.  We cannot use any of our own money.  Money can be donated online or a check can be sent (with our family name and number on it) sent directly to them.  The directions are on the same link below.  We have been told to expect (if normal can be expected) our next paper for the girls within the week.

LifeSong for Orphans Matching Grant~Family #6758

Taken two years ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be 3 1/2 when coming home.  We will have longed 
for her to be here for two years at that point.  Yes, I will 
be a mess when I see her for the first time.  She will
think her mommy is a psycho (chuckle).

Taken over a year ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be two when we meet her for the first time...actually, she turned two 
this week.  Oh, my Mama heart!

 "For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory." Deuteronomy 20:4

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  1. Picture him running around and grinning in the future! Glad everything went well and I will pray that they keep the pain to an absolute minimum.


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