Friday, March 31, 2017

New Room, Sleeping Boy, and A Shower (Day 9 of 13)

About three hours today things were really rough.  Timothy was in pain, mixed with the fact that he could feel his legs for the first time since surgery....and they feel different and weird.  All of it was a bit much for him.

For about thirty minutes today he even screamed...yes our happy sweet boy everyone that walked in our room (except me).  He didn't want them to touch him or talk to him.  I talked to him a couple of times about how when he yells, we don't know what he wants.  He seemed to "get it" after a couple of times.

I also practiced moving him (with guidance and help) and he sat on my lap for awhile.

My View

This is the only way that my eyes didn't look like a raccoon (the masked bandit).

The stuffed animals were watching him, courtesy of the nurses.

The million cords Timothy was attached to.

Timothy also decided that he would pretend he didn't speak English when he didn't want to interact.  He'd just smile and say "yes" to all questions.  He'd be having a small conversation with me (he's not talking much, not feeling like it) and someone would walk in and he'd just pretend.  There was even a little smile with it.  I admit I chuckled a bit.  

For three of the hours all Timothy did was cry.  He seems past the worst of it and is mostly sleeping.  They are keeping him medicated around the clock too.

They've moved us out of the PICU into a regular room.  The move wasn't fun, but soon after we arrived, I posted this status on Facebook.

"And I got a shower! Not something I usually share, but I feel very accomplished. Our nurse (Mary Ellen) gets child sitting props, because I KNOW this is not what she trained for. She is currently my newest hero.

I admit I love having our own bathroom and shower.

There are four beds in the room, but Timothy's is the only one taken.  

PT came and fit his stroller to him (made a specialized cushion).  They're also loaning us a specialized car seat for the plane and car while he's in this cast (Spica).

Tonight Chet and Kathy (from the Church here) stopped by to visit...and spoiled us.  This Church is truly so loving and kind.  It's an awesome gift from God.   It was nice to kind of get out of my head tonight. They brought Timothy an adorable cow (Jersey Joe) and me a Mommy basket (still exploring it).

Well, I'm having an issue concentrating tonight.  I have lack of sleep brain.  Timothy is dozing.  I'm going to run.  

Thank you all for continuing to pray.  Specifically, please pray for continued pain management, but also that the pain diminishes quickly (quicker than expected) and he heals quicker than expected (with no issues).  Please also pray that he understands there are certain things we HAVE to do...meds, changing diapers, checking things, and such.  He's beginning to really worry that everyone that walks in is going to hurt him.


Please continue to pray for Grace and Hope!  Please pray that God keeps them safe and they dream of us.  Please pray they attach quicker than we could ever imagine to BOTH of us.  Please also pray we are not only able to meet our matching grant, but go way beyond it quickly.

Please pray for our family back home...strength, health, that we are all brought back together soon and safely.

I want to put this on every blog, though it's not our focus right now, Timothy is.  Yet our girls still very much matter.  They need to come home.  They need to be given love and care.  If I don't write about them a ton right now, it's not that they are far from my heart.  It's that they are snuggly in there even while I hold the hand of their brother.  So, here it goes....

We continue to ask for prayerful support as we seek to meet our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans. We long to bring our newest daughter's home. We raise $4000 and they will double it.  We cannot use any of our own money.  Money can be donated online or a check can be sent (with our family name and number on it) sent directly to them.  The directions are on the same link below.  We have been told to expect (if normal can be expected) our next paper for the girls within the week.

LifeSong for Orphans Matching Grant~Family #6758
Taken two years ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be 3 1/2 when coming home.  We will have longed 
for her to be here for two years at that point.  Yes, I will 
be a mess when I see her for the first time.  She will
think her mommy is a psycho (chuckle).

Taken over a year ago, the most recent picture we have.
She will be two when we meet her for the first time...actually, she turned two 
this week.  Oh, my Mama heart!

 "What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us,who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?"
Romans 8:31-32

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  1. We are and have been praying daily. It just hurts our hearts to know he has had so much pain. We cannot even fathom the 7 hour complicated surgery on such a small boy with a huge heart filled with joy. We pray/think of you both throughout our day. Timothy is our hero! ((((((BIG HUGS))))))))


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