Thursday, March 16, 2017

LifeSong and Our Song

I love the itty bittys in our life.  Last night I got to spend some time with one of the precious itty bits.  At 8 lbs 9 oz she's growing beautifully.  As I rocked her for a bit, I sung.

It was only when I hit one specific song that she relaxed fully, "Jesus Loves You".

Alessandra smiling at her Mommy

I noticed the same thing with our Isabella.  Oh my...this little girl.  So much personality in such a little body.

Isabella and her Mommy

Isabella snuggled in when I sung, "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck".

I don't know if it's just their "grandma song", or a true favorite.  (Have I mentioned I love being a 45 year old grandma? TRULY AWESOME.)

I think there are songs that just make our hearts meet (or melt, depending on the song).  There are several that touch me, though I'd be hard pressed to narrow them down.  Some I want to sing at the top of my lungs and head bang to.... and some that I make the tears cascade like a waterfall.

Yet the title of the grant we received for Grace~Victory and Hope~Glory has me thinking.

LifeSong for Orphans

Do the orphans have a life song?

Only my Father in Heaven has me.
He does not leave me alone.
Though there are  no arms HERE to hold me.
I will rest in HIS alone.

Do you hear my cry dear Father?
I'm scared and on my own.
The lightening crashes around me.
The thunder echos through my bones.

Only my Father in Heaven has me.
He does not leave me alone.
Though I long for arms to hold me.
I will rest in HIS alone.

In a room of many I'm lonely.
I long for someone to see.
Though I'm in a sea of faces,
I am solely and uniquely me.

Only my Father in Heaven has me.
He will never leave me alone.
though I beg for a family to hold me,
I will rest in His Arms alone.

God do you hear my prayer?
Please answer, Oh Lord please!
All I ask for is just for one
Just own family.

I think "LifeSong for Orphans" is an appropriate name for this matching grant we've been offered. To many these funds provide not solely child for a family, but a FAMILY for a child.  They provide an answer for prayer.  I don't think that prayer is just in my imagination.

We are that family for Grace and Hope.  This doesn't make us great or particularly good.  This makes us blessed.  We desperately need your help though.

This grant is not without challenge.  We need to raise $4000 to receive an additional $4000.

We ask you to help answer one life song for two orphans.

This is not comfortable.  Far from it, but then comfortable is not our goal.

"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." 
John 12:46

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