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Link, Grandchildren, and Our Adoption

A friend posted this link a couple days ago and it hit me pretty hard.  Though I shared it on Facebook, I thought I'd share it here as well.  (Family and Adoption updates are below.)

Though I wouldn't say we are addicted to adoption, I would say we are addicted to following God where it is NOT comfortable. Being comfortable cannot be our goal. We need to see the marginalized...the orphan, the widow, the poor, and neglected, the lonely, the many. God has lead us to our children. For us it is not a rescue, but wrapping our arms around our sons and daughters, though there is an element of that. They rescue us.



A few days ago we also watched God move on the adoption front.  Grace and Hope's country requested additional information from us, another letter.

 They are being diligent.

It was a complete God moment though.

You see, they are no longer giving waivers for many of their requirements (if you cannot meet them).

We couldn't meet one of the requirements (until about 27 days ago).

This requirement was necessary to add Hope~Glory to our adoption.

Meeting this requirement was necessary to adopt two.

You see, all the delays at the end of the year....the painful events that happened.... all of it worked in God's plan.  IF we had been asked for additional documentation (this letter) at the end of last year, we could not have provided it.  We would have lost Hope~Glory.

Because we were delayed until February, we met the requirements completely and totally.  

God had it all laid out and planned before this adoption began.  ONLY GOD!!!!

He has also been providing us with friends and family joining us to bring our girls home (and for that we are so thankful).  

Two checks have come in from friends...
A class gathered coins and dollars....(I still don't know exactly who.)

A Church and their children's program (and International Voice of the Orphans) standing with us to bring home our daughters....(I will share more about this one later.  :-))
A precious teen we love sent $20...
A long time family friend...or I should just say family...from my childhood donated....

So many caring about our family.....

We now need around $6000 (we believe) to make our next payment.  That's over $2000 raised! THANK YOU!!!!


Have I mentioned yet in this post that I love our grandchildren?  No, can I not?


Grandpa Happiness


Apparently Isabella is fascinated with Alessandra.  
When Sarah and Isabella went over there, Isabella literally
 cried when she couldn't see Alessandra.

This was Isabella the other day :-).

This was Alessandra the same day.  Related? I think so (smile).

This last picture of Alessandra was thrown...because it's one of my favorites.  (2-22-2017)


As you guys know we are far from financially having the funds to complete our adoption.

Please feel free to...
Shoot us ideas...
Request letters to bring to your Church (the planned Church packets are coming very slowly with all our adventures)...
Request letters to give to friends...

*If you personally wish to contribute, you can contribute at our YouCaring site (the web version of our blog has it on the right side).
*You can send a donation through "Friends and Family" on PayPal and no fees are taken out at 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net .
*You can contact us at the same email or our Facebook page if you would like a tax deductible way to give.

We estimate that we are still short around $6000 for this next payment (prayerfully coming SOON), between $10,000 to $15,000 for the following payment, and travel.  The difference in the second payment comes from a fee we are trying to have waived and we don't know if that will be possible.   

We appreciate all prayer and hope to update our "Prayer" tab (web version) soon.

If you are new to our blog, feel free to click on the "Our Family" tab (web version only).

For now, here are our prayer requests:  Thank you for joining us in this adventure!!!!

Prayer Requests:
*For Grace~Victory and Hope~Glory's hearts.  Please pray that they are protected and cared for/loved.  Please pray God gives them dreams of us and touches their hearts that they may attach quickly and completely.  That it won't make sense in human terms.
*For Grace and Glory to come home...period.
*For God to lay HIS financial plan for this adoption before us.
*For the trip to be in God's perfect timing.... glorifying to HIM, for no illness, and no hiccups during the trip (for the adoption or otherwise).

Family and Friends Prayer Requests:
*Timothy's surgery is coming up a bit less than a month from now.  Please pray it goes
perfectly.  Please pray the doctor's hands are guided, pain is minimum, and IF it's God's Will he does NOT need to be casted in the most complicated position.
*Please pray for our oldest son Tom (and his wife a baby daughter) as they journey into
 the military life.
*Please pray our sweet little Alessandra and precious Isabella are blessed and continue to grow healthy and strong.  I forgot (quickly) how tiny newborn babies are.
*Please pray for a friend who was just matched with a little girl.  Please pray her
 adoption journey is smooth and without any issues.
*Please continue to pray for the Ferguson family as Alyssa went to be with Jesus
just a month ago yesterday.

There are many more requests for those we love that I don't have permission to share publicly.  Many are going through a lot.  Please don't hesitate to email us or comment and we will add your prayer requests as we redo that tab on our blog (and at the end of blog posts).

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

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