Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alessandra Cadence~The Newest Gift

It was Friday and the phone rang at 5:00 am.  My heart started racing.  NO ONE calls this early.  Something had happened.  This couldn't be good, not at 5:00 am...

...or so I thought.

"I think my water broke."

That was the gist of it.  There were no labor pains at this point, just that starter flag obviously waiving.

It was definitely time for Tom (our oldest) and Elizabeth to head to the hospital.

Anna and I got to the hospital around 11:00.  

Labor had definitely started.  While Anna hung out in the waiting room, I popped my head into the labor room off and on.

I didn't want to interrupt this precious time between husband and wife for long.

Elizabeth was so brave and we are so proud of her.  It was sweet watching our son try to act like a rock and so nervous at the same time.  He did NOT like seeing his wife in pain.

Her labor stalled for awhile, not progressing.  Friends prayed...and then all of a sudden, just before midnight, everything progressed at once.

Tom came running out to the waiting room. (Truthfully, running and almost sliding to a stop in front of us.)

 "Mom! It's time!  They said they will have her push in about 45 minutes!!!"

I looked at him.  A picture of that little baby Tom flashed through my mind and I said, "Ummm...get back in to your wife!"

It was comical, the look on his face and he turned around and raced back.

And we waited...and waited...and waited...

I worried that something had gone wrong.  A million thoughts rushed through my mind.

My son came out, eyes tired, and he (I may get reamed for sharing this) cried.  He cried tears of joy, telling me about how brave his wife was and about his beautiful new daughter.

(Side note:  I think in this instance, the moment you hold your first born, you realize just a bit more of what our Heavenly Father gave us when He gave us His Son.)

After nineteen plus hours of labor, painful labor, but with no major complications for Elizabeth or the baby....
Elizabeth gave birth to 
Alessandra Cadence.

7 lbs 9 oz and 19 1/4 inches long.

Yes, we are grandparents an adorable tiny little girl. think someone has his heart? (Smile)

Beautiful Mama!

We are joyous around here.  We celebrate with Elizabeth and Tom and they hold their daughter for the very first time.  

She is a gift from God.

Look at those little feet!

Our baby had a baby!!! 

So, not the best selfie, but the only one I have of me and this AMAZING blessing!!!!

Isabella and Sarah meeting Alessandra for the first time.

These two have my heart so thoroughly (smile).  
Can't you see the family resemblance? :-)
I see both Elizabeth and Tom so clearly in Alessandra.


Thank you all for welcoming Alessandra Cadence with us!  I'm behind on just about
everything right now, but WHAT A BEAUTIFUL REASON!!!!
May God bless each of you as he has so richly blessed us!

"I will sing to the Lord all my life;
    I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."
Psalm 104:33

We appreciate all prayers for blessing on this new little life! :-)


  1. Congrats gran-mama!! Beautiful family!!

  2. Praise the Lord, and WELCOME sweet baby girl!!!


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