Monday, January 16, 2017

Waiving the White Flag (Mini Update)

I'm waiving the white flag of surrender (smile).

I have the Flu. I took two kids to the doctor today and by the time I left the doctor...yup, I knew I was a goner.

Here's my very mini update for our wonderful village who has been praying.  I'm going to then curl up in a very comfy bed and drift to oblivion...hopefully.

My mom came home from the hospital tonight.  Thank you so much for praying.  Please continue to pray for complete recovery.

Timothy's surgery has been delayed and we hope to get new dates quickly.  He's acting fine, but was definitely flu positive on Saturday. This surgery is very intensive and his immune system needs to be at 100%.  We are not going to worry about it and know the hospital made the best and most healthy call for our son.  It's going to be very taxing on his body...even the casting after is intense and sleep depriving.  God's timing is perfect and whatever it is will be the right time.

If you've emailed, texted, or messaged...I will get back to you.  I'm not sure I will make much sense at this point.  I think I used up all my "sense" writing this.

Now I will start talking about talking armadillos eating cake.

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