Saturday, January 14, 2017

Virulence Enforcement Commencing

Three are Flu positive (four including my mom)....all on TamiFlu.  We think Thomas is fighting getting it.

Please pray this stops here.  I'm not feeling fantastic and the steroids for my knee take down my immune system.  I really NEED to not get sick. 

It's too late for Timothy.  He awoke with a 104.1 fever this morning. 

Please pray for all the sickies  (Anna, Rachel, Timothy, and possibly Thomas) and everyone else to stay well. 

There is a slight chance surgery will not be cancelled....SLIGHT.  I'm sure they will cancel his feet casting on the 20th.  Because this was caught immediately and he's on TamiFlu, there's a slight chance they will allow the 25th surgery.

Please, also pray flights are easily changed.


On a happy note, our 14 year old (Max) is at a big Winter Youth Conference enjoying himself (and healthy) right now.  In this picture he's leading the youth group in a game!

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