Friday, January 13, 2017

Today, My Mom, and Interesting Stuff

I just posted this on Facebook...

"Update on my mom.....(Kathy)
*They have downgraded the double pneumonia to bad bronchitis.
*She is definitely Flu positive, but they have retested for Strep and it's negative!
*Her kidney function tests are why they feel they need to keep her in the hospital. Her numbers have gotten worse. This isn't a surprise. When illness and intense meds happen, her kidney function decreases.  That is the nature of kidney disease. Here is what we need prayer for, her kidney function needs to stabilize and needs to start to improve. Can you please pray her numbers surprise the doctors in a good way tomorrow?! She still sounds awful, but is in good spirits."

"Life" always seems like it takes interesting turns around here (smile).  I think "Life" is chuckling.  It's quite a jokester.

We now have two sickies in our house, Anna and Rachel.  They've both been to the doctor and are on the mend, though fever is still present.  We are trying to keep all the kids a bit separate and (as you can tell by the pictures) we are now at level Quarantine.  We are trying to keep the pestilence to a minimum (chuckle).

We formed a Bear-icade to keep the little crawler away from Rachel (smile).

Please pray for Anna and Rachel to heal quickly and PLEASE pray this spreads no further.   We especially need Timothy and I to stay well...and Ben (who is still recovering from surgery).  Really, we just want everyone well.  Please pray we all stay well and Timothy's surgery date on January 25th is protected.

Now, if you are squimish, you may want to skip past the next picture.  I'm used to medical stuff, but I'm going to show you why Ben's pain level is constantly watched and we don't really want his immune system compromised right now.  He has some healing to do.  PLEASE PRAY healing goes perfectly and he does not mess with the site (and for his hearing).  As you can imagine, his little hands are very interested in it.  The pain (for now) is keeping his hands away.

Yup, it's pretty colorful.  He's playing though.  He no longer has to wear the bandages, but we watch him like a hawk.  We are keeping him up late so that he's exhausted and won't mess with the site while sleeping.  He spent two nights with me in the same room and watching him around the clock.  The steroids (for my knee) make sleeping a bit of a game, so it was no biggy.  A matter a fact in the wee hours I posted this.

"3:00 am and wide awake. Down side of steroids (and me) is middle of the night wakings. Upside, no grogginess....and if not injured my long time goal of sleep cleaning as my super power would finally be recognized!!!! WOO HOO!!!!" 

I crack myself up in the middle of the night and then wake up and go, "Hmmmmm...".  

My knee is much better than it was.  It's not Hulk size anymore, though it was quite impressive.  I admit to laughing when I was told to stay down.  Ya, I'm hoping it happens MAYBE tomorrow, but the medicine IS working.
All this is going on, yet real life does too.  (I figure this month is just alternate reality.)

Today we had to run and pick up Bekah's glasses.  She had been complaining about headaches and not able to read her small print Bible just in the last couple months.

I must admit she does look adorable.  She knew exactly what she wanted.

My husband is now running a couple things down to my mom at the hospital and I'm blogging and trying to keep Ben awake.

As life is happening I've also been wading through the logistics of body casting (Timothy)...what it looks like and what we need to know.  Timothy will be cast from the chest down to his toes.  There are a couple of different ways they may cast him.  One is in a wide leg position with a bar in between.  The other is a real stumper.  It's a cast where he is almost in the splits to keep his hips in socket while they heal.  Remember, his hips have never been in socket.  X-Rays can only show so much and they will be re configuring things in there.  As you can imagine, either of these ways are a bit awkward, but one would make travel...hmmm...see, I can't even put it into words.  

Many parents have shared things that may help with the six weeks (minimum) that he will be in his casts.  The biggest thing I heard from many is a bean bag chair...a extra large waterproof bean bag chair.  These casts will smell by six weeks. Many parents have made a point to tell me this.  Poor Timothy....

Several people wanted to help with the bean bag.  They blew us away instantly, but a local friend texted me.  I didn't even see it coming.  She had talked to a few people I don't even know and they want to buy the perfect one.  We are constantly thankful.  

A new friend of mine has been through this and IS going though surgeries involving the hips (with her daughter) locally.  She knows the perfect kind and will pass on the info...because it's working with her daughter.  Five year old Annalee is the little girl I've asked for prayers for.  Please continue pray for her.  She had another extensive surgery (not just hips) today with blood loss, but she is out and on the road to healing.  (Also, please keep Alyssa, Robert, and Brandi in your prayers as well.  Also, please remember to keep the Hooten family in your prayers.  Their 16 year old daughter was killed and they had a celebration of her life today.)

But back to travel.  Timothy will be in some sort of laying car seat.   The PT at the hospital in Philadelphia will figure that out after surgery and casting.  We just don't know what we are looking at.  Then there is a wheelchair/stroller.  This isn't a loaner..... and with one form of the casting there is only one stroller that will really work (no real wheelchair)...and we won't know which cast he will get until we are there.  This is $250 stroller.  It's built almost EXACTLY like our stroller, except one thing.  The sides are almost non existent so the casts have room to be there.  It looks almost exactly like ours (except color wise and the sides).  Wait, there's  (Yes, my head is spinning.)  She said that on a rare occasion flying will not work.  Ummm...what???  

Here's what I'm doing.  I'm not stressing.  I'm believing we can make the plane work somehow and the stroller stuff we will figure out.  There is always something (genuinely laughing).  We do ask for prayers that we figure out this craziness.

Now, as you guys know.  We are  In case I haven't mentioned it.  I'm applying for a grant, but only once we have ever received one.  It will only cover a bit if it does come through.  We need help friends.  Prayers for direction and discernment.  People standing with us, even in going to their Churches, businesses they may know (we have a tax deductible way to give if needed and can put together a package). 

 You see, there's these two precious little girls.  We're their daddy and mommy and can't wait to tickle their little feet.  They need doctors.  They need therapies.  They need family.  Our local craziness will subside someday.  Timothy's immediate surgeries will be over.  Precious grandchildren will be born.  Traveling will subside.  Savings will be rebuilt once they are home.  Yet, right now we've exhausted our own personal immediate resources.  We have $365.00 in our adoption account and it needs to read $8450.00 for the next immanent payment.  Would you consider joining us in prayer and fighting with us?  

Please, specifically, pray that the money is there BEFORE we need it?  We don't know the exact day.  It could be any moment or a month or two.  

Thanks friends!!!!

So now I sleepz...wink...or get hilariously funny (in my mind). 

Have a blessed uneventful night my friends!!!

Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.

Then it was said among the nations,

    “The Lord has done great things for them.”

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:2-3


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