Thursday, January 5, 2017

Timothy's Surgery and Prayers

Timothy and Thomas made it to the hospital and got checked in quickly.

Timothy had on an adorable shirt made by the AWESOME family 
they are staying with.

I think little man may have gotten a tad nervous once he was called back.  They don't usually change his clothes.  I explained to a friend that he has no concept of what surgery is.  There was no real foundation (or comprehension) to be able to explain what it was to Timothy.  He knew they were seeing a doctor and he'd go to sleep, there would be new casts, he'd wake up, and then he would go to the home they are staying at.  We've also explained the the cast are to make his feet be able to walk and run.

The surgery went well.  Thomas called and gave me the rundown. 
The surgery was a little different than expected, but with noticeable results already. 
The doctor severed his tendon in both feet. This was the plan (that we understood a bit later).  Apparently God made our bodies very cool and they will usually grow back together even stronger. 
They cast his legs before he woke up. His feet are almost pointing straight down, like he's standing on tiptoes. This is a HUGE improvement!

Thomas is holding his foot here to 
show the difference this surgery has already made.

Our little guy on his way home.  You
know what the little bowl was for. :-(

When Thomas and Timothy first called after surgery, Timothy was happy and said it didn't hurt. He told me he loved me and was giggling. The meds hadn't quite worn off.  We were thankful for the meds (smile). 
They called once they reached home and Timothy told me he had an owie and started to cry as we were saying goodbye and the we loved and missed each other. 
He conked out on the bed pretty quick. 

Thomas has prescription meds for Timothy and regular old Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. He will watch him and see what his needs are to determine what to give (per doctor's advice). Please pray for effective and safe pain management tonight and through the weekend. He has never had ANY prescription before and we don't know if he has any med allergies.  
Thank you all for prayers for our little guy. PLEASE keep praying!

Today Bekah, Jael, Rachel, and I were able to be down at our local Children's Hospital.
We were completely blessed by being able to see a friend we made at this hospital previously.  A great mom....adoptive mom...God adoring mother of many and her precious daughter, five year old Annalee.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture! 

Can you please pray for Annalee who has a BIG surgery tomorrow with several unknowns?

That wasn't the only blessing.  We were able to meet an amazing nine year old 
named Robert.

Robert had amputation surgery yesterday.  It was VERY similar to the surgery 
Jael had.   We were also able to meet a little of his awesome family....a large adoptive Jesus loving home school family.  We met Robert's mom and his sister who just happens to be turning 18 tomorrow! 
(Happy Birthday!!!)
Can you please pray for Robert as he recovers?  Can you please pray for his comfort and pain management?  (Also, for safe travels as they head back home to another state?)

Thank you friends for standing with us through all these things.

Please continue to keep Grace and Glory in your prayers.  They don't have a mommy to tuck them in right now or a daddy to toss them in the air in a fit of giggles.  Please also continue to pray for the financial aspect.  Please pray that our adoption is fully funded, if it
is within God's Will, by the end of January.  We still have so much medically ahead and have not had time to focus there..  

Last, BUT VERY IMPORTANT, please continue to pray for our friend's daughter Alyssa.  She is a interacting, talking, and amazing miracle from God.  With cancer throughout her brain, she is doing all these things.  The doctors and nurses cannot explain it medically.  They are going to take Alyssa home on hospice care, but she seems to be doing better daily.  Please keep praying for the miracle to continue.  Her parents don't know if this is a miracle of more time
or complete healing.  Her birthday is, just wow.


"Look to the Lord and his strength;

    seek his face always." 
1Chronicles 16:11

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  1. So grateful to read that things went well with Timothy's surgery!
    I am praying for a quick (and painless) recovery.
    Love you!


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