Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Pause Month

I decided this morning that there needs to be one month between the changing of the years.  A break month seems totally reasonable.  

There will be no emergencies (medical or otherwise), no accidents, no sickness, no anxiety, no drama, no appointments, and no arguing during this time.  

We will call it our "Pause Month".

Can we legislate this?  Yes, I think we must.  

Every year would then start out calm and refreshing.  

Maybe a beach should be involved...

...and pine trees. 

 Yup, I think that sounds about right.

All those in favor, say "AYE!"


  1. I love it! :)
    I love January and am always so ready to get back into my "normal" schedule...but I'll accept this "pause" month for your sake, if the vote ever comes up! Love you!

  2. How about traveling to a foreign country to meet a future son? Craziness... But good craziness :-)


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