Saturday, January 7, 2017


After yesterday's post, you may be a bit afraid to peek on here (smile).  I don't hide my reality here, though I can't always share everything.

I'm trying very hard not to start talking just about rainbows and children.  They are wonderful, but life...real life....isn't always laying in a meadow (okay, that just sounds itchy).

It was a bit rougher day for my men...really, especially Thomas.  He had a migraine hit that almost nothing would take the edge off of, so they had a very quiet day.  Timothy will talk about his owie  occasionally, but his pain level is so much less than we expected. 

It's hard to know how much is true pain level, or (as with several of our kids) that he learned to deal with higher pain in the orphanage and has a greater tolerance.  Either way, he is our strong little guy. 

He sobbed again as I said goodnight to him tonight (see last post ), so my mama heart is still a bit tender.

Though he saw snow last time he was there, he's truly experienced it at a higher level this time.  Thomas sent me a couple pictures (below) and I love the look on Timothy's face.

Please continue to pray for Timothy and his healing (and Thomas' migraine).  This trip isn't over with yet and Monday's appointment we expect to have pain involved.  With the drastic changes to Timothy's feet and the surgery, taking off these casts and applying new ones will most likely be painful.  We then have a ten day break and will be back again for casting and the BIG surgery.  We appreciate all prayer.

Please also continue to pray for Grace and Glory and the funds needed soon as well. 

Please see the last post if you would like to contribute to the funds to bring our girls home! ($325 has come in so far).

I'm typing this on my phone out of a bit of laziness.  I haven't slept much in four nights.  My husband and I don't usually sleep well in our bed while we are apart.  It's just how it is.  I miss my sweet little talker as well.

Have a blessed night friends.  Please keep  us in your prayers (as well as please keep praying for Alyssa, our new friend Robert, and Annalee).

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