Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Prayers...Timothy's Surgery

Tomorrow our four and a half year old (Timothy) will have the first of several surgeries. His doctor will basically nick his Achilles (Tenotomy). It's common, but from what we understand, painful. Please pray for Timothy's surgery tomorrow at 11:00 and his recovery, that this does what it's supposed to do. It's a step in preserving his feet. Also, he hasn't had anesthesia before or any prescription meds, so there is some concern. We have no clue of his allergies. Monday morning they will cast his feet for the first time after surgery. This will be painful as well. 
Please pray for our little guy. He was in tears with me on the phone and Thomas said tears have come easily for him tonight. He misses the rest of the family. It's rough on his little heart, but very very necessary. I have comfort that he is with the BEST doctor and that Thomas and he have a wonderful family hosting them/us that are SUCH a comfort.
(Background: As part of his Arthrogryposis, Timothy has severely clubbed feet. Surgery is normally done within the first year. At his age, things become a lot more difficult. This is why amputation was seriously considered. This surgery will allow his feet to slowly be casted into a position so that he WILL eventually be able to walk. He will possibly have this surgery again in the future. His next surgery will be on the 25th to put his hips back into their sockets which is extensive.

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