Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just a Bit..

I'm sorry to my friends who have tried to contact me the last 24 hours.  I got a bit sick last night, whether allergies or virus I'm not 100%.  Let's just say my stomach no longer liked me....AT.ALL....or my nose...or....

Timothy had a WONDERFUL day today.  He and Thomas went to Church and enjoyed time with the family they are staying with.

Tomorrow at 8:30am Timothy has an appointment to take these casts off and put new ones on.  This will probably be pretty painful.  Please keep him in your prayers.

On Wednesday, Benjamin goes in for a complicated ear surgery.  They will be drilling through bone and pulling out a benign tumor.  Please cover him in prayer as well.  Please also pray the hospital is willing to work with us financially (payments).  We will find out tomorrow morning.

PLEASE pray for Grace and Glory.  These medical procedures for Timothy and Ben have amplified in my heart the aloneness of our daughters right now.  Please pray for financial blessing and that the adoption is fully funded, if it's God's Will, by the end if January.

Lastly, many need prayers right now. 
Please pray for Alyssa (15).  She has brain cancer throughout her brain.  Please pray.  in the midst of a miracle doctors can't explain.  Whether this miracle is for now or permanent.....please pray for blessing.
Please pray for Robert (9) who just underwent amputation surgery.
Please pray for Annalee (5) who has just gone through a very complicated and rough surgery on her little body....and has another this week.
Please pray for Orli, a friends daughter who just went through surgery as well.
Please pray for the Hooten family.  Their 16 year old daughter Ally died in a horrible accident.  Their 12 year old daughter is injured (as well as another friend).

Thank you guys for standing with us through this!!!

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