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I very quickly found it hard to breathe.  It's amazing how life is taking flight.  It's beautiful and the heights sometimes make us want to well, hurl (chuckle).

We have gone into full speed ahead with Timothy's surgeries and been given new dates at the end of March (arrive March 23rd, casting feet on March 24th and 27th, surgery on March 29th, return on April 4th).  This surgery will be extreme for Timothy.  They will rework the ball of his hips, there will be plates, possible pins, and a LOT of recovery time in a very uncomfortable cast.  We are being told, depending on casting, that even flying may not be possible.  This may be another adventure we will be contemplating (smile).

This is not what took our breath away though.  I'm not sure even how to share.  The only way my mind can process right now is to share an (altered for social media) letter we will be sending out shortly to many we know.

Our adoption timeline just got closer to the finish line... WAY CLOSER!


Hello Friends, Brothers and Sisters, and Family,

Earlier in our adoption adventure you may have received a letter from our family as we began the journey to bring our daughter Grace~Victory home from across the world. Many celebrated with us.  Though we understand that some may have even wondered why we would step forward to bring another child into our family if we could not afford the adoption process in the first place. 

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1
We smile, because God has taught us so much throughout this journey.  He’s taught us of His unfailing Love.  He’s taught us joy (and forgiveness) that I’m not sure we have understood to this degree before.  Oh how He’s taught us and grown us!

“But God doesn't call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn't come through.” Francis Chan

He has even grown our vision of this adoption (and our family).  

We watched as another first world nation banned the pictures of smiling Children with Down Syndrome from their televisions.  They feared making people feel guilty for not choosing life.  Yet we fell in love…deeper with God….and even deeper with our son Benjamin who has Down Syndrome (if that’s possible).  We fell in love deeper with every one of our children…grandchildren…and son and daughter in laws….every gift our amazing God has given our family.  

“I don’t believe our greatest shortcoming is not feeling bad enough about what we’ve done wrong.  I think our greatest shortcoming is not feeling good about what God has done right.  When we undercelebrate, we fall short of the glory of God.” Mark Batterson

God created in us a bigger heart that now includes the adoption of two children…. two more daughters who happen to be diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  Grace-Victory (who will be three and a half years old when we expect her home) and Hope-Glory (who will be two when she arrives home, also having a heart issue).  These two precious girls are God’s little princesses.  They are not numbers.  

God doesn’t look at me or you and say, “Hey three million, five thousand, and sixty three! How was your day?”
For that we are thankful.  (That would be a seriously a confusing name…chuckle.)

We have been notified that our timeline has moved up A LOT and our next fees will be do within weeks ($8640).   This is huge and wonderful.  We have about $30,000 still needed.   This includes $7000-$10000 needed for travel for three weeks in a foreign country (just basics), depending on airline tickets.   We are ALL IN.  We have used every cent we have been able to access to bring our girls home.  We stand knowing God loves us and loves our girls.  We stand in confidence.  We also feel very clearly we are supposed to call our village.

Through surgeries, across country travel to specialists, a new wheelchair, and new grandbabies…our lives have been very full the last few months (which will continue a few more months).  Many have joined us on these journeys as well.  Several have aided us through unexpected hurdles.  

We now step into the fray of watching financial mountains fall and governments move to bring our newest children home.

We ask you to consider joining us.  You may have already and for that, thank you.  Thank you for praying with us and thank you for helping us bring our daughters home.  

We are in the process of creating a packet to send out to Churches, Businesses, Groups, Clubs, and Organizations that may be willing to join with us in prayer and financially in bringing two little girls, years on a list of thousands, into their Daddy and Mommy’s arms.  

If you have someone who would like a packet, please contact us at 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net .   If you would like to read about our family first, you can direct them to this link.  

Thank you all for being our village!  Thank you for even considering joining us in this journey as things speed up.  We are within months of two little girls becoming part of our family.  

We cannot wait to see what God does! We are truly excited!  

Thank you friends for joining us as we wait to see what God does!!!
In Christ,
Thomas and Kat (otherwise known as dad and mom), Anna(16), Max(14), Benjamin (13), Bekah(10), Jael(8), Rachel and Gabriel (twins/7), Timothy (4)….and Grace-Victory and Hope-Glory

(This of course includes our married adult children and grandchildren Tom/Elizabeth, and Sarah/Ivan/Isabella.)

To follow our journey, you can check in here , or find us on Facebook at


If you wish to join this amazing journey financially or in prayer, please read below.  Remember that God may just call you to SHARE our story.  We feel this very strongly.  Very rarely will we ask you to share, but we are today.  You can share on Facebook, your blog, media, however you feel you should. 

There are many ways you can give, some tax deductible ways.  
*YouCaring (at the side of this blog)-Has a small percentage taken out, but is an easy way to give.
*You can give directly through PayPal "Friends and Family" and no funds 
will be taken out.  They will be transferred and put directly into a separate adoption account. Send to 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net
*You can give through our agency in order for it to be tax deductible.  Contact us at 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net for the name and address.
*You can commit a percentage of your tax return to help bringing Grace and Hope home.
*You can request a packet be sent to you to give to your Church, a business, or even an organization (think home school, mommy organizations, special needs).
*You can have your children get involved.

We welcome ANY and all ideas!  God is moving and we cannot WAIT to see what he does!!! 

We believe Grace was given her middle name for a reason...VICTORY!!!!

*PLEASE pray that the foreign government approves us easily.  Please pray they ask for no additional documentation.
*PLEASE pray the funds are in place and bring God the MOST glory.  PLEASE pray any spotlight turned to us is IMMEDIATELY turned to HIM.  We are being given precious gifts by an AMAZING GOD and a beautiful country.  GOD is AMAZING!
*PLEASE pray for Grace-Victory and Hope~Glory.  Please pray God touches their hearts and they are protected.  PLEASE pray that they dream of us and attach quicker than we could ever fathom.  PLEASE pray for their health.  There are many unknowns.
*PLEASE pray for our family as we will be spending many weeks separate (two weeks for Timothy's surgery and three weeks in a foreign country).
*PLEASE pray for Timothy and his surgery coming up, that it goes perfectly and IF it's God's Will, that the casting necessary be the less extensive.  That the pain is minimal and that this is the first step to walking and running for Timothy!
*PLEASE pray for our daughter-in-love Elizabeth as her time gets closer, that her birth is smooth with NO complications.  That, if possible, it be a safe way and that the new baby be strong and healthy.

*PLEASE continue to pray for Alyssa. the fifteen year old daughter of a friend with brain cancer. (Update:  Alyssa has won. She is with Jesus.  Please pray for her family and they learn to breathe without Alyssa's laughter and presence on this earth.)
*PLEASE pray for Annalee who just had extensive and serious surgery and is in casting right now.

*PLEASE pray for Robert who just underwent amputation surgery.
*PLEASE pray for the Hooten family and the Windam family who just had their precious children join Jesus.

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