Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Little Bit of Mom, Timothy, Surgery, and The Zoo

Today we have circled the wagons.  Max got home from the winter youth conference last night late and we even kept him home today.  We REALLY don't love keeping them home from Church.  

Oh my, we have such a wonderful Christian family/Church village though.  A precious set of friends just dropped of a care package for us.  You can't help smile from all the kindness!

We are having a hard time keeping Timothy down (even with the Flu) because he seems to feel fine.  We expect to see another fever or two, but he wants to be active.  Rachel is the most miserable. She just doesn't want to move right now.  Anna is coming out the other side (no fever today or last night after three days on TamiFlu).  My hubby seems to really be fighting this well.  He doesn't quite have it, but still isn't feeling great.  The rest of the kids are fighting the good fight (smile).  Two have the raccoon eyes, but bumping up vitamin C, keeping kids separate, masks/sanitizing, and natural immune boosters seem to be helping.  We appreciate prayers for TOTAL and QUICK healing!

These are the kids who are well thus far.  They're watching a movie on the computer.

Well, today my brother is back at the hospital with my mom.  She's doing better daily and her kidney function is still improving.  PLEASE keep praying that the improvement is drastic AND her blood sugar (and every other level) stabilize.  Please also pray the doctors feel confident that my mom can regulate her blood sugar at home (when it's time).  She's used to doing this.  She's just ready to be home. They are now keeping her because they want to see her blood sugar stabilize.  The doctors are just trying to be safe, but my mom is ready to go home.  

We've sent an email to the hospital in Pennsylvania.  We caught the flu EARLY with Timothy and he's already not spiking fevers and acting normal.  It's hard to keep him down.   We do expect to see a couple more fevers, but if it goes like the other kids on TamiFlu, we should only see illness through Monday/Tuesday.  We don't know the hospital policy though.  This week was only casting on his feet and next week is the HUGE surgery, putting his hips back in socket and reconstructing part of the ball of his hip.  My true hope is that they just cancel this weeks feet casting and keep the surgery on the schedule.  We know God has the BEST timing though and that's what we are praying for...GOD'S TIMING!!!  Could you please pray with us? 

Another couple prayer requests regarding surgery and casting? Can you please pray we figure out the stroller (UPPAbaby) that we are told we will need and figure out clothing? We are going to look for a used one as soon as we find out surgery timing. We also need to find some 3T and 4T onesie/bodysuits. We are being told this is the only thing that will give Timothy a little bit of privacy and cover his diaper after casting. I've come up with another idea, having someone add crotch snaps to stretchy 3T of 4T shorts (which of course this time of year may be interesting to find, so we may have to try to alter thin stretchy pants). Timothy wears 2T, but the casts will make him a ton bigger. We need to figure this stuff out quickly.

As always, we ask for you all to be praying for our adoption of Grace and Glory. A precious family we know is in country right now bringing home their little boy. We CELEBRATE with the Richard family. Please pray for my friend's husband and new son as they are now in the home stretch of getting home!

We also long for us to get to that point with our girls. We need $8080 just for the next payment (not to be fully funded). Can you please pray that we may be fully funded quickly, possibly by the end of January? I know it sounds crazy, but we know that no matter what it's all in GOD'S Magnificent Hands!!!

(If you wish to give, their are several ways (PayPal, YouCaring, and another tax-deductible if you like). If you wish to ask your Church or know of a business interested, please let us know and we will send you a packet!)

Finally, today many have had "mornings". I've seen it everywhere. The master of lies seems to want this day for several. I want to encourage everyone (don't gag to try to make this day better for those in your life...give and encouraging This day belongs to GOD no matter what wrenches are thrown it it. Please don't hit me (smile). I was thinking today that we want those in our lives better for having us in it...but NOT only their lives...their

(Please keep Alyssa, Annalee, Robert, and Brandi in your prayers. Also, please continue to pray for the Hooten family and their friends. They lost their 16 year old daughter in a horrible accident recently.)

"This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it." 

Psalm 118:24


  1. Prayers for healing!! And when Asher was in his spica, we used an xl cloth diaper cover to cover him up and He sweat so much in it...he never wore a shirt...We were rebels.

    1. Everyone is saying that those casts are MISERABLE and I'm looking for stuff mainly for travel and while we are not home. I imagine we will be the same way :-).


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