Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Reason We Came and THE PLAN

The reason we came....

So yesterday happened.  Yup, and it was bigger than expected.

Crazily, we found out that our friend was going to be at the hospital THE.SAME.DAY.  Likelihood?  Almost zero.  I'm calling this miracle number two of this actual trip (after the finding out I liked carrots...bwhahahaaa).  Getting here (to a doc that takes 1-2 years to get into), where we are staying, and how God provided seems like the "Part 1" of this story.

This is the "Part II".

My friend Julia was here with her son John.  Julia and I met as we were seeking to adopt Jonathan and Benjamin from Eastern Europe.  One of her other sons, Aaron, had been at the same institution as Jonathan and Ben.  Aaron was the first child EVER to be adopted from there.

John and Timothy

Julia treated us to lunch at the hospital and then we headed up to our appointment.  We signed in, took basic measurements, then went to another office.  (Where, of course, they gave him a massive teddy bear. :-))

They brought us in, took more detailed measurements pertaining to his Arthrogryposis...and sent us two more places where they took clinical pictures and then x-rays.,,,and another toy (chuckle).

Finally, the time had come.
(I wish I was able to write this with the anticipation building....but I'm too tired to brain right now...chuckle.)

Dr.Van Bosse is the best, world -renowned, in his field of Arthrogryposis. Seeing him was a gift.  He took more measurements, looked at Timothy's feet and (when asked) stated absolutely that we would NOT need to amputate!!!!  He said that, being truthful, Timothy's feet are really not good, but he has seen worse and been able to work with worse.  We WILL be having another smaller surgery where they nick Timothy's Achilles in order for his foot to move more with casting.  It may have to be repeated more than once.

The casting is different here too.  The do not only cast to the knees, but to the upper thighs in order to  get the proper counter pressure and for the casts not to slide off.    Timothy is in more pain than he was previously, but it's not horrible.  He barely notices during the day, but at night he fusses and notices the pain more.  These cast are just flat out more extensive.

What does this mean?  It mean we will have to take many trips up to PA (the first 3 months of this year most likely) and to this hospital.  Eventually, once Timothy's feet have reached a certain position, we can get casting done at our local Orthopedic Hospital.  You can look at this doctor and tell he has a picture in his head of how things will go (procedures and such).  His feet need to reach a certain position before others at a different hospital can see it as well. This doctor is THAT good.

Yes, we will need our village.  I can't say we won't.  There will be two trips just in January.  The first trip may have Thomas going instead of me.  The second one will be the ten days needed for hip surgery (putting his hips back in their sockets).  Much of the time we will be spending in the hospital.  Crazily, my friend Julia will be at the hospital part of the time too (smile) with her two youngest sons.  I love how God works things.

Right now I rest in a beautiful room belonging to Bill, Chris Ann, and their WONDERFUL kids.  They didn't know us, but opened their home anyway.  We really couldn't have done it without their kindness.  An elder at their Church has loaned us his car (which is another kinda cool God story in itself).

We've enjoyed WONDERFUL cooking, a beautiful view (that I'm determined to get some pictures of), and watching some talented and kind kids (Elizabeth and Jacob).

Timothy and thirteen year old Elizabeth

We even were able to see Santa do a drive by (hee hee) AND got candy out of it.

The glowing man is Santa.  Yes, even our littles know 
it's a game we pretend at Christmas.  It's a fun one though!!!

Random cute pic of Timothy covered in fruits and veggies.
He wanted to hold everything.

So that's it.  That's the news.  I'm determined to get this posted tonight, while praying it makes sense.

We continue to ask for prayers for our family.  Please pray we are wise and discerning concerning Timothy's care and procedures.  Please pray that the finances for our adoption are laid out before us.  We will share some news soon.  Please also pray for protection for our family, as we watch the battle around us...really hard stuff.  Our hearts are hurting for so many.  I'm a tad weary.  Please pray for our friends as they suffer the consequences of one person in their family choosing to walk away (and please pray for deliverance for them and restoration).  In this case I'm not saying name, but asking for intense prayer.
Most of all, pray God uses us and we glorify HIM with our lives and in our actions.

I will begin posting our longer prayer list for others and ourselves again soon, but as I've said before...I can't brain tonight.

Hugs and sweet sleep to you all!!!!

"Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story—
    those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,
those he gathered from the lands,
    from east and west, from north and south." 
Psalm 107:2-3

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