Friday, December 30, 2016

A Wheelchair and a Miracle

I spent the morning sitting in a coffee shop with my friend Yvonne who drove in from Arkansas to see her family.  We've been friends since college and she's been one of my great friends, encouragers, and prayer warriors.  It's amazing to sit and share your passions. I don't necessarily get a ton of that, but was a gift.

Side note: Know if you've asked me, you have to keep after me.  It is NOT that I don't want to, but my brain is often a sieve and if I's the next day.

I had to leave Yvonne sooner than planned as Jael had a special day today.  She had her wheelchair fitting.

As we walked into the hospital we noticed something kinda cool.  Staring back at me from the front of a hospital brochure was our sweet girl.

She has such a precious heart.  Something was off today though.  She wasn't feeling great, though not sick.  It's not like her.

Getting her wheelchair had her happy dancing though.  Of course the kids always love this hospital.

I know some may wonder why she needs a wheelchair if she has prostheses.

With each amputation and prosthesis, Jael uses about 80% more energy.  That's a 160% more energy than the average person.  With long walks (zoo, park, etc.) she's going to get tired easier.  At eight years old the day is coming that she doesn't want to sit in the stroller.  The wheelchair will last five years and allow her the independence of an older child.  Also, there is a chance of further surgeries in the future and this will allow her to heal should that happen.

Being able to receive this wheelchair was a gift in itself.  It was a financial gift from someone we love that allowed this for Jael.  We could NOT have done this without help.  You know who you are.  Thank have loved on our daughter and have made such a difference to a little girl (and her family).

As we come up on this new year, we continue to ask for prayer.  If you have visited this blog for awhile, you know that each child is a unique individual.  They are not numbers.  Those who first meet us sometimes are taken aback by a number.  They see the number of children in our family as overwhelming in their eyes.

Then you have those that know us.  They know the children or they have followed this blog and the growth of our family.  Each little one is seen through the knowledge of their personalities, quirks, and giggles.  It doesn't seem like a lot of children to us. (Okay, maybe when we are looking for shoes.)  Those who are in our lives regularly start feeling that too.

They may see Jael plop down in the front of the Church, with confidence, as she sits and listens to our youth minister give a short lesson to the younger of the congregation.
They may see Ben as he climbs (yes, climbs) up his favorite teenager at Church.
They may see Anna at the Pet Store wearing her Bearded Dragon.

Each child holds a fingerprint of God.  There is no one exactly like them.

Well, two more little fingerprints are joining our family.

The first, as you know, is Grace~Victory.  She will be 3 1/2 years old when she comes home.  We've chased her file for two years.  Two years where she waited in a database of thousands.  Yet, she is NOT a number.  She holds a fingerprint of God and happens to have Down Syndrome. Have I told you God truly gave her the name Grace~Victory? Never had I considered the name Victory.  I didn't know the saga we would have to bring her home.  Now I know why....this little named by her family...will bring Victory.

I'm telling you right now.  I hope I don't scare her to death when I meet her for the first time, because I will be a mess.  TWO YEARS.....

This picture was taken over a year and a half ago, but is the last picture we have.

Our second little girl, Hope~Glory (we will call Glory), was also given a name directly from God.  She will be two when she comes home.  She has Mosiac Down Syndrome and an issue with her heart.  This is our surprise baby, more recently added to our adoption.

Richard, our preacher, was speaking one Sunday on "Grace and Hope".  Ya, that was probably not the name of the sermon, but like only God can do, it hit me in the gut.  I KNEW something was in the name "Hope".  The story behind Glory is a lot more detailed and not for this blog post.  Our little one looks a little lost to me.  We suspect she is tiny, but we don't know for sure.  Does this face look like a number to you?  Does it look like just a file?

Their beautiful country is graciously allowing us to seek the adoption of these two gifts from God.

We ask you to continue joining us in prayer.

We believe in miracles.

Our lives have immediate medical procedures that are in front of us.   We can't focus on the funds as of yet.

Side note: If you don't understand why someone may fundraise for an adoption, please read the following post.

Right now though, we are asking for prayer.  It's a crazy big prayer, that has to be completely God.  It may sound crazy...but God is SO much bigger than these funds that will be due.

Here is what we are asking.
Please consider praying daily that $8450 (the next adoption payment) will come in before the end of the year.  Yes, that a bit more than 24 hours.  (Gulp)
Please also join us in daily prayer that our adoption is fully funded by the end of January.

Is it scary asking for this, yes...but I would rather be uncomfortable any day....and knowing this HAS to be TOTALLY God.

Please also join us in praying for our two boys (Timothy and Ben) who will undergo surgeries in January.  Please pray they are successful and heal quickly.  Please also pray that the hospital is willing to work with us on payments for this surgery.

Lastly I have an update on Alyssa (the 14 year old daughter of two friends who has cancer throughout her brain and was given days/put on hospice) and a MASSIVE praise.  Please continue to pray for Alyssa friends!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

This is from her father Scott.

"How do we even start this update? I guess with the most important part -- God has performed a miracle. Alyssa dramatically improved today!
We were told Alyssa had a few hours or days at the beginning of this. (Hospital staff was VERY CLEAR that this was their best guess and that no person is ever the same as another). But we agreed and had the same idea with the fast decline we were witnessing. We said goodbye three times, and each time she leveled off and improved a little.
Today, we witnessed a miracle that has baffled the doctors and medical staff. Alyssa woke up, has talked a lot, been awake, watched TV, and had an incredible day. In fact, as we type this, Alyssa is peacefully sleeping with no oxygen assistance for the second hour. And her oxygen monitors are showing her oxygen levels at 100%. The nurses were crying and everyone is shocked and thrilled with her incredible turnaround. We know it is a gift and a miracle. Science can't explain it. We, you, thousands prayed for this and God answered. What we don't know is if the miracle is more time, or a cure. Either answer is a miracle!
We had a time of worship with many family and friends today as we sat in Alyssa's room and sang songs of praise to God. We are ever thankful.
The plan now is to monitor her and help her get a bit stronger. We will be meeting with hospice to see if moving her home is the most viable option or if remaining in the hospital is better for her needs. We don't know if we gained a day, a week, or a lifetime today and we have to be cautious in our enthusiasm. But we know without a doubt it is a miracle and gift from God no matter what that answer is.
Thank you for the thousands of prayers, texts, emails, facebook posts, visitors, and support. We are humbled and overwhelmed with it all. We read them all but haven't had the time to respond much. We have had amazing moments and experiences this past week that are just so God-ordained, it is impossible to know how to share them. So for now, we don't as we continue to process what all we have experienced and witnessed.
Prayer requests: Please thank God for this miracle today and keep praying for another. God is good!

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." I John 5:14

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