Thursday, November 3, 2016


A friend posted this today on Facebook.  The last few days have been full of running in medical circles trying to get in with the right doctors, of one very precious sick daughter, and concern over those I love.

This made me laugh...

What really does though?  Many of my friends have said they feel like they're going a million miles an hour, but not really getting anywhere.

For me, I feel like I'm a bit in limbo in almost every area of our lives.  How we get to our destination is totally up to God.

My husband reminded me tonight that's what faith is...following where God leads and trusting HIM to get you there.  So we  rest in His Hands.

Praying your day was blessed, your hamster gets off the wheel, and you get a peek at that destination.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6


Immanent Prayer Request:   
*Sarah currently has a virus and is pretty sick.  Can you please pray for her health and the health of baby Isabella?  

Our Prayer Requests:
*Please pray for our continued adoption journey.  Please pray protection over our family and the ever expanding number of children (here and across the world).  The master of lies loves to mess with anyone trying to follow God.
*Please pray for a financial way.  We have funds due soon with the adoption and many unusual expenses that happen...some only every five years.  They just happen to have happened all at once during back to back adoptions.  We are taking a deep breath and trusting God. 
*Please pray for our beautiful pregnant daughters  (one is a daughter-in-love, but I love her like one) and one precious extended family member who is expecting.  Our daughter Sarah is due any day and they have a lot of things they are trying to figure out. Please pray for discernment, direction, and blessing for Sarah and Ivan.   Please pray for all three of the babies and their health...and health of the mommies.
*Please pray we GLORIFY GOD in ALL THINGS.  This is the most important. 

Our Friends:
*PLEASE pray for a young teen named Alyssa.  She has brain cancer and has had many brain surgeries at this point.  They just found cancer at the base of her spine.  PLEASE pray for healing.  (She is the daughter of two friends from college.)  Please also pray for her family.
*Please pray for my husband's friend at work.  He lost his mother-in-law two weeks ago. (The Windom family)
*Please pray for my friend Elizabeth, as she they have found cancer on her foot.  Please also pray for insurance to approve this quickly!
*God has answered our prayers and this last Monday we were able to complete another big step in our adoption.
*God answered the prayers for the deposit on Jael's wheelchair today.  It left me speechless and in tears.  

Know if I'm praying for you, I have not forgotten.  If I don't have your permission to put it here I won't in order to make sure it is only shared if you would like us to.

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  1. Yes! Maaaany years ago I saw this saying "Faith is what happens when you make other plans!" Thanks for the reminder!!
    ((((HUGS))))and prayers


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