Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Gift of Friends and One Daughter

Sometimes you meet someone in life that you just can't begin to thank God enough for.  

Several years ago, while in the process of adopting Jonathan, a beautiful woman emailed me.  She had been praying for our son before we ever knew of him....and as we fought to bring him home.

When Jonathan died, she mourned with us and gave me words of comfort.  Her family and Church stood beside us as we stepped forward to Benjamin and they've walked with us ever since.

Today we were given a gift of meeting in real life a "heart friend" (Rebekah) and her amazing family.

 I cannot tell you how much it meant to us.  I can't stop smiling at this beautiful unexpected gift.

Rebekah, you and your family have blessed us beyond belief.  Please all give each other hugs from us!!!!


As the day continued our plans shifted a bit and we ended up visiting Sarah at work.  We are stalking her just a bit, like maybe one day when we are looking at her the baby will just magically appear.

Today she worked through contractions.

Today we celebrated the gift of friends and the gift of little bitty ones waiting to join our family.

Again, please keep Sarah in your prayers (and Isabella).  Please, if God wills, pray Isabella comes healthy and strong (both mother and daughter actually) sooner rather than later (smile).

Please also pray for our final adoption paper to present itself VERY early this week.  THANK YOU!!!!

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