Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Festival and A Confession

I confess (don't shoot me)....I don't like Halloween.  I admit it.  I have an very intense internal debate each year.   Everyone has to go through their own internal debate.  This is just mine.

Here's a peek into my mind.
"I truly hate the evil that seems to get worse every year.  I shouldn't have to  keep the kids from parts of the store because of the grisly scenes or costumes.  I have a child that it terrified.  I don't like what at the core it promotes...evil.

The Bible says, 'Avoid even the appearance of evil.' (I Thessalonians 5:22)

Yet, I believe EVERY day is God's.  The master of lies may think he owns it, BUT HE DOESN'T!  God does!!!!  I believe in taking it back!

I love the child like imagination.  I love the creativity and the pretending.  I love the innocence.  If there was another day during the year that we all got up and got creative with costumes, I would LOVE that.  Maybe that's what I should do?  Okay, be honest Kat, we have a lot on our plate (and plans) already.  Will you actually do it?

I want the kids to know how to be in the world, but not of it.  I want to figure this out and train up my child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6).


That's a debate my mind goes through each year.  Some years we've gone to Fall Carnivals (with no Halloween theme) and some years we have done nothing.  I have a friend that turns on every light in the house, blasts praise music on Halloween night, and hands out something fun, but not Halloween themed.  The kids in the neighborhood LOVE it because it's not a house of fear.  It's a safe place on a scary night.  I kind of adore that idea.

Please know I'm just sharing me and my mind.  I'm NOT trying to make others think as I do.

This year we went to a carnival.  There was nothing scary and nothing Halloween themed.  The kids were adorable and thankful for a safe place to be creative.  They were able to visit a "Finding Dory" room and such.  It was very sweet.  Now, I could have done without the heat though (just sayin').

Tell me they aren't adorable!
I am Batben....I mean Batman (Ben/13 years old)

Here's our 10 year old Bekah.  This Tigger outfit is 15 years old.  Our oldest 
son wore it when he was seven.

This is our Orthopedic Surgeon, Jael (8 years old).  No joke, that's what she told us
she wanted to be.  We gave her the words, but she told us the hospital she
wanted to work for and what kind of doctor she wanted to be.  LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

Gabe (4 years old) was our football player wearing his daddy's high school football helmet.
He was SO PROUD!!! (Gabe was too! Chuckle)

Rachel is Elsa.  She had me braid her hair to the side and everything.  
She is very much a girl and very much a princess. (Rachel/7 years old)

Timothy loves to dress up SO much! He knows he's
a super hero, but doesn't understand much more than
that.  He struggled a bit that he couldn't pig out on candy, but that's
just not what we do.  He is adorable!!! (Timothy/4 years old)

This makes me laugh, it's the only decent picture I could find :-).

Our teens worked in different areas, helping in the creative aspect.

Yes, she was wearing a lizard on her shoulder.  What do you expect?  It's Anna!  (Anna/almost 16)

Reid (one of Max's best friends from Church) and Max (14 years old).  
They had a sign outside their room that said "The Shire".  

I was so excited to see our oldest son earlier in the day at Church  (his wife had to work) and then VERY pregnant Sarah and Ivan later on.  I have to say, I just LOVE my older kids!  Rachel curled up on Tom's lap during Church.  They just adore him.  The Littles surrounded Sarah and Ivan when they showed up.

Did I mention she is a little pregnant?

I  love this picture of Sarah and Rachel.  Now Ivan is being ornery.  He saw the camera and made the face.  Of course he starts cracking up when I call him on it.

This picture is the epitome of Ivan and Sarah....constantly laughing.

Louisa (friend all the way since 6th grade), her precious daughter, and our Sarah

I hope today was blessed for you all.  I'm a bit tired (the heat does that to me).  Thank you all who helped make this day special and innocent for our kiddos.  HUGS!!!!

"But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15


Immanent Prayer Request:  We have a big adoption step that we will attempt to do TOMORROW.  Please pray for God's favor. 

Our Prayer Requests:
*Please pray for our continued adoption journey.  Please pray protection over our family and the ever expanding number of children (here and across the world).  The master of lies loves to mess with anyone trying to follow God.
*Please pray for a financial way.  We have funds due soon with the adoption and many unusual expenses that happen...some only every five years.  They just happen to have happened all at once during back to back adoptions.  We are taking a deep breath and trusting God. 
*Please pray for our beautiful pregnant daughters  (one is a daughter-in-love, but I love her like one) and one precious extended family member who is expecting.  Our daughter Sarah is due any day and they have a lot of things they are trying to figure out. Please pray for discernment, direction, and blessing for Sarah and Ivan.   Please pray for all three of the babies and their health...and health of the mommies.
*Please pray we GLORIFY GOD in ALL THINGS.  This is the most important. 

Our Friends:
*PLEASE pray for a young teen named Alyssa.  She has brain cancer and has had many brain surgeries at this point.  They just found cancer at the base of her spine.  PLEASE pray for healing.  (She is the daughter of two friends from college.)  Please also pray for her family.
*Please pray for my husband's friend at work.  He lost his mother-in-law two weeks ago. (The Windom family)
*Please pray for my friend Elizabeth, as she they have found cancer on her foot.  Please also pray for insurance to approve this quickly!

Know if I'm praying for you, I have not forgotten.  If I don't have your permission to put it here I won't in order to make sure it is only shared if you would like us to.

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