Friday, September 30, 2016

Moseying~Pregnancies and New (for Here) News

I feel like I'm moseying back onto the blog, casually.  We have had "happenings" constantly, but I feel the sun on my skin and relaxed in my heart....and I'm moseying (is that even really a word?).

Our lives our full and (it seems daily) getting fuller, so pull up a chair...grab a cup of tea...and get comfortable.

I think I'm going to just update you all gradually by subject.  There's just a lot of "goings on" that a mosey is about the only pace I can do right now. 

I'm gradually (though not going to do it all at once) going to update everyone on...Medical Stuff, Big Family News, Every Day Doings, Adoption, Home School and.....

Feel free to comment or email me what you'd like to know... or YOUR prayer requests. 
Here is a link to my previous "Moseying" post.  They may come slowly, but then that's what a mosey is. (Smile).
Moseying~The Medical (Benjamin, Jael, Gabe, and Timothy)

Mosey is about the only speed I go right now, so...


I know you remember that our oldest daughter (Sarah, second oldest child) and her husband Ivan are having our first granddaughter, Isabella.  Sarah is now in her third trimester of pregnancy.  I admit, we chuckle at her a lot.  Don't worry, she has a good sense of humor.  Her old manager Darrell (moved to another store) used to walk like a penguin when he saw her (chuckle).   From the back she doesn't look pregnant, and then she turns to the side (can't help but dying laughing).  She's ADORABLE pregnant.

I have no clue where she is going to grow, because it doesn't seem like she can grow anymore.   She actually has a bruise on the outside of her belly from their very active little girl (smile).  You can just watch Isabella move from the outside.  She has such a personality already, refusing to move for mommy all day until daddy talked to her.  WOW, they are in trouble! (Laughing)


What you don't know yet (here on the blog...I am SO behind) is that we are going to have ANOTHER little grandchild!!!!

Tom (our oldest) and Elizabeth are expecting too!  They are due three months after Sarah and Ivan and Elizabeth is now in her second trimester.


I spent time with Elizabeth the other day and she's just glowing, seriously beautiful and filled with joy.  I can't share the sex yet, but yes...I know (suspense building).  There is such excitement as we wait for this blessing from God.  They are SUCH a gift!

So, that's two grandchildren.  I will be forty-five with two grandchildren.  Now THAT is pure AWESOMENESS.
Please pray that....
*The babies (and mommies) are healthy and strong.
*That births are not complicated and go wonderfully.
*That job wise they all are able to be where they can spend as much time with the babies as possible.

Can you believe that?  At least three babies in the next six months (or so)....Isabella, Elizabeth and Tom's baby, and Grace~Victory (through adoption).

That's today's mosey.  Now to close my eyes for a bit.  Moseying is exhausting.

"You have enlarged the nation
    and increased their joy;
they rejoice before you
    as people rejoice at the harvest..."  Isaiah 9:3a


  1. You are on the freeway of life now my Dear! :o) My first Granddaughter was born when I was 40. She is 19 now. Many more have followed and the whirlwind on the Freeway of life knocked me over so fast I cannot even mentally contemplate how fast the time has flown! Even my !"Surprise"! birth Blessing is 12 now! (by the way you need one of those too- ;o) (((HUGS))) and prayers
    And many Congratulations!

  2. Congrats!!!!!! :D :D


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