Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Hand Appointment (Timothy)

The news from yesterday gave me the flutters just putting it out there.  It took me a long time to write and a few days to hit "publish".  Yet, life goes on as we start the adoption journey again.  Grace is part of us and for those of you who keep us in your prayers, she needs them too.

Busyness is a fun constant during our summer here.  We also have some other BIG blessings that are happening, but I'm waiting just a bit to share.

This week we had another long day at our local orthopedic hospital.  We actually set a record (for us).  We had five appointments for two children on one day (chuckle).  To say we were tired at the end of the day may be somewhat of an understatement. It's not a normal day for us, but was a very necessary one.

We drove over an hour to be there at 8:00am.  My kids learned this week that if you get an early appointment, they still have toys left to give away (chuckle).  I may not love "stuff", but the hospital staff was so sweet especially after a full day of "busy".

This time we got two extra babysitters (shout out to Farrah and Hannah) and more children stayed at home (usually everyone begs to go to the hospital).

We started the day with recasting Timothy's feet.  Right now they are very much still making improvements.  This is what we are praying for.  Again, amputation doesn't scare us, but the least invasive the better.  It looks like we have two surgeries ahead at least with his feet, but that doesn't mean amputation surgery necessarily.

Jael then had an appointment to start the process of getting a self propelled wheelchair for when she just does NOT want to use her prosthetics.  It's hot here and they are hot.  Also, an average person with one amputation uses 80% more energy than the average person.  She is a double amputee.  For periods of long walking, like the zoo, a self propelling wheelchair (so she has independence) is a good plan for the future.  She will have a fitting in around two weeks and then it takes 4 or 5 months to be made.

The next appointment (which really had four parts) is the one which we were looking forward to.  It would give us some more answers for our little man.  It was his first appointment with the hand doctor.  After seeing the doctor, getting x-rays...

....and coming back for results, we got very good news.

We start with a splint at night.

This will stretch his tendons to a straight position over time.  Ten times a day we stretch his wrist for 30-60 second shots.  His wrist currently goes to a bent down position naturally, both bone and tendons create this position.

Down the line, when he has more English and we can explain things, he will have surgery on his wrist.  They will take a pie type wedge out of his bone and it will create the ability to, not only have a more natural position with his hand, but have a MUCH bigger range of flexibility.

Side Note:  A BEAUTIFUL God thing was his doctor.  He is an expert here and even speaks around the world.

He was impressed with Timothy and, like most crazy things in our life, Timothy is very unique.  I don't think I understand enough at this point to explain it, but it's good stuff.


 There '? NNNNNNNN" Hotel and Convention Center"-This was a contribution by our cat Brrreow walking across the keyboard.  He even pressed cut and paste...very impressed.


So life is accelerating a visits, home school, surgeries, the adoption of Grace...and a few other very sweet and cool gifts (I will share soon).  Thank you all for sticking in there with us.  I feel like we have a family out there of people we have never met in life.

Bekah, Bridget, and Max
celebrating Bridget's 14th birthday with
a swim party!

I've been blessed, as time goes on, to meet more and more of you.  There are a few of you that have become forever "real life" friends.  I pray God uses this blog however HE will.  He is so good to us.  We don't deserve all the gifts He has given us.  You guys are some of those gifts.


Prayers right now are vitally important.  Please pray for our family.  If you would like to help bring Grace home financially, please know how much we appreciate it.  I'll put the info at the very end of this post.  This is a scary part for us, starting from scratch all over again.  Should it be?  No, but the humanness eeks out.  The current financial needs were due weeks ago, but our agencies have been patient.  Please pray that the funds come in this week for Grace's adoption and the humanness is kicked to the curb and replaced with what we know (confidence in that), that God provides.

Prayer Requests....
1.  Please pray for ease and protection during this current adoption process.
     It is not that our goal is comfort, but during Timothy's adoption, it was rough.  There were many
     health issues, emergencies, and really hard stuff.  We are just praying the road is smooth ahead. 
    We ALWAYS ask for prayers of protection.  God is our protector...our hope...our salvation.
2.  Please pray for Grace, that she is protected and ministered to.
     She has another special need that (we were told) can be painful at times.  It's smaller, but we
     appreciate prayers for her.
3.  Please pray for speed of this adoption.  That Grace can come home sooner than we expect.
4.  Please, very specifically, pray for funds to come in this week (that we need) for this adoption.
5.  Please pray for our newlywed children, all of them have been married less than a year.  Please pray for continued blessing on their marriages.  We see beautiful things.  Please pray for the gift of health for Isabella (our newest granddaughter in utero) and Sarah (our daughter, Isabella's mommy-issues with Celiacs).  Please pray for the gift of a passion for God, treasuring each other, communication, and joy for our son Tom and his wife Elizabeth and for Sarah and her husband Ivan.
6.  Please pray for Timothy, his transition and understanding, as we wade through medical waters.

Thank you friends for joining our family and coming before the Lord on our behalf.

Oh, and a mini thing.  I over did it this week.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck (exhaustion).  It's not normal for me, but I appreciate prayers for energy and health.  Thank you!!!

Our immediate need for Grace is $6,685.  The YouCaring site will update the total as it comes in, or if it comes in another way, we will post an update on that site (and here).

The YouCaring for Grace goes straight into a separate adoption account.  Thank you for helping bring her home!

If you would like to give directly through PayPal with no money being taken out, you can send directly to 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net .  The second a donation comes in, we will transfer it to our separate adoption account at the bank.

Thank you again guys!!!!

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 
                                                      1 John 5:4
(Grace's Verse)

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