Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Oh How They Change (Part 1)

Over the years our family has grown and blossomed.  The Fourth of July has become a time of yearly pictures, watching how our family has been blessed through the years.  Bear with us.  This one will be long (smile).

2015/Tom and Elizabeth

2016/Newly Married


Tom 2013/18 years old

2014/19 years old

2015 (My Goof!)/20 years old

Still a goof  2016/21 years old
I need to give Tom props.  He has a upper respitory infection and still stood for pictures.


2016/The first year of Elizabeth's individual 
pictures as she has joined our
family! YEA!!!


Ivan and Sarah 2015 Engaged (now married)
Ivan was sick this year.  Since he was sick, someone
stood in for him in :-). Just look for the 2016 pictures.

2016/Not taken at our 4th of July get together, but I 
take what I can get (smile).  Our baby Isabella (as of today) is around 11 oz.
Sarah is 18 weeks pregnant.

2016/Of course I can't forget Isabella.  This was taken today.


Sarah/2009/12 years old

2013/16 years old

2014/17 years old

2015/ 18 years old

2016/Isabella (their daughter) is 
standing in for Ivan this year.


2009/Anna/8 years old

2013/12 years old

2014/13 years old

2015/14 years old

2015/15 years old


Max 2013/10 years old

2014/11 years old

2015/12 years old

2016/ 13 years old
I'm voting Max "the most changed" (smile).


Benjamin 2013/9 years old

2014/10 years old

2015/11 years old

Our dancing Ben 2016


Bekah 2009/3 years old

2013/7 years old

Bekah 2014/8 years old

Bekah 2015/9 years old

Bekah (Above and Below) 2016/10 years old


Jael 2013 (Above and Below)/5 years old

2014 (Above and Below) 6 years old

2015 (Above and Below) 7 years old

2016/8 years old


Gabe 2013/3 years old

2014/4 years old

2015 (Above and Below)/5 years old

2016 (Above and Below)/6 years old
Still 2016 (Above and Below)


Rachel 2013/ 3 years old

2014/4 years old

2015 (Above and Below)/5 years old

2016 (Above and Below)/6 years old


Timothy did NOT want to smile.
Timothy 2016/4 years old/1st year home
We worked on him though.
He couldn't resist!


Grace~Victory/2015/2 years old

Prayerfully Grace will join our family sometime in the next year.
This is our heartfelt prayer.


We will also never forget  our Jonathan
Forever 8 years old.


So that's it for the first part of the family pictures.  You knew it was coming, as with every year (smile)   Thank you  for joining us as our family grows and blossoms, prayerfully into what 
God wants us to be.  Join us for "Part 2"


Prayers right now are vitally important.  Please pray for our family.  If you would like to help bring Grace home financially, please know how much we appreciate it.  I'll put the info at the very end of this post.  This is a scary part for us, starting from scratch all over again.  Should it be?  No, but the humanness eeks out.  The current financial needs were due weeks ago, but our agencies have been patient.  Please pray that the funds come in this week for Grace's adoption and the humanness is kicked to the curb and replaced with what we know (confidence in that), that God provides.

Prayer Requests....
1.  Please pray for ease and protection during this current adoption process.
     It is not that our goal is comfort, but during Timothy's adoption, it was rough.  There were many
     health issues, emergencies, and really hard stuff.  We are just praying the road is smooth ahead. 
    We ALWAYS ask for prayers of protection.  God is our protector...our hope...our salvation.
2.  Please pray for Grace, that she is protected and ministered to. 
     She has another special need that (we were told) can be painful at times.  It's smaller, but we
     appreciate prayers for her.
3.  Please pray for speed of this adoption.  That Grace can come home sooner than we expect.
4.  Please, very specifically, pray for funds to come in this week (that we need) for this adoption.
5.  Please pray for our newlywed children, all of them have been married less than a year.  Please pray for continued blessing on their marriages.  We see beautiful things.  Please pray for the gift of health for Isabella (our newest granddaughter in utero) and Sarah (our daughter, Isabella's mommy-issues with Celiacs).  Please pray for the gift of a passion for God, treasuring each other, communication, and joy for our son Tom and his wife Elizabeth and for Sarah and her husband Ivan.
6.  Please pray for Timothy, his transition and understanding, as we wade through medical waters.

Thank you friends for joining our family and coming before the Lord on our behalf.

Oh, and a mini thing.  I over did it this week.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck (exhaustion).  It's not normal for me, but I appreciate prayers for energy and health.  Thank you!!!

Our immediate need for Grace is $6,685.  The YouCaring site will update the total as it comes in, or if it comes in another way, we will post an update on that site (and here). 

The YouCaring for Grace goes straight into a separate adoption account.  Thank you for helping bring her home!

If you would like to give directly through PayPal with no money being taken out, you can send directly to 1thomkat(at)verizon(dot)net .  The second a donation comes in, we will transfer it to our separate adoption account at the bank.

Thank you again guys!!!!

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 
                                                      1 John 5:4
(Grace's Verse)

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  1. Wonderful photos of precious, adorable children! God bless the ever-growing Marr family!


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