Tuesday, July 12, 2016

God Moments and Miracles #1

The miracles have brought us to a place we could not have imagined.

As we wait for funds for Grace, weekly, daily, hourly....we see God move on behalf of our family.

I'm truthfully not sure where to even start or what to share.

Some things are not just ours to share and some things we know are not meant for social media...whether just so preciously intimate or there's not wisdom in sharing right now publicly.

We also know that there are many hurting hearts.

This world is rough.  Friend's situations have our hearts aching.  Loss is all around us.  Loved ones are struggling with serious health issues.  Many woke up these last weeks with their arms empty and their hearts breaking to a point where they don't think they can recover.

We pray for the families of those who have been killed by those they swore to protect.  We pray for the families of those whose lives were taken by the hands of those that were sworn to protect them.

I don't know so much of the truth.  I can't weed through the spin the media puts on everything.  I can't.  All I know is there are many hurting.  All I know is this IS a fallen world, redeemed by the ONLY one who can save it...Jesus Christ.

I come to you today to share blessing amid the hurt.  I don't know about you, but I need hope.  I need to remember God's goodness.  I need to remember love.  

Side Note:  If you want to share your own "God Moments and Miracles", please comment or email me.  I can put a link to your blog or share your story here.

There were days during the year of bringing Timothy home, where catching our breath...from one trauma to the next...was seemingly impossible.  Since we didn't turn blue or pass out on the floor, I'm thinking we made it.  Oh, we had WONDERFUL things...beautiful gifts happen...but we also had trials (the likes of which we had never seen before) back to back.

Now it feels like the rain has started...the wonderful cleansing rain.  The humbling, blow us out of the water, we do not deserve this rain.

Timothy came home two months ago on May 6th.  Blessings have poured down in these last two months.  Some things are tiny (small in the big picture), but reiterating the path God has put us on.  Some things are HUGE and we are still getting our minds wrapped around them.

Again, I'm at a bit of a loss of where to start, but I think I will first share a God Moment that I cling to.

A hospital visit is often not where you'd assume a blessing might start.  This wasn't a hospital visit for me, but for Timothy and Jael at the local orthopedic hospital.   Timothy had casting and Jael had the continued fitting of her new prosthetics (working out the kinks).

Our teen sat out in the waiting room (his choice to hang out while we recasted) and started a conversation about God with another adoptive family.  (I'm not saying this to pat us on the back, but just because the connection between brothers and sisters in Christ is BEAUTIFUL.)

As I came out, I introduced myself.

This man's little boy came home only a couple of months before.

The family was from out of state.  Though there are patients from out of state, from what I understand this is a lot less common.  He and his family happened to have a similar appointment time to us.  As we continued to talk, my mouth dropped open.  Our daughter Grace is at the same institution that his son was at.  In this HUGE Asian country with many many orphanages, his son was at the same one as our daughter is.  He may have seen her.  This blows us away.

One day, one appointment, one moment in time...an ocean of beautiful children across the world...and our children were together.

God knew I needed this as we start this adventure of uncertainty all over again.  He knew I needed something outside myself to remember that God set our course.


We continue to ask for prayers.  God is moving and we feel such a wave of His Power and Might.
Right now, where Grace is, is having disastrous flooding.  We are asking for prayer for protection for her and the other children.  We are asking for prayers that we can connect with the right person who can check on her welfare.

We also have an avenue we are working on financially to bring Grace home.  My mama heart is tender.  I long for her to be safe in my arms.  Please pray favor in this avenue.  We are within a few hundred of being able to afford (we believe) the home study (though we still need $4000 still to send to the international agency).  We are just waiting on one question.  If you wish to join us in this journey, you can send money by YouCaring at the side of the blog or by sending it through PayPal (nothing is taken out) to 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net.

Please also keep Alyssa in your prayers.  She is the 14 year old daughter of friends from college.  She has brain cancer.  After four surgeries to remove the cancer and a hopeful medical trial, the cancer is back.  Please pray for healing.  Alyssa is an inspiration.

"Called by Name", you can also email me at the above and I'd LOVE to answer your questions!

Thank you all for joining us in this adventure.  There are MANY more parts to "God Moments and Miracles" coming soon.  No joke, we are blown away.

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