Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's the Haps....

Life is just one ball of adventure for us.  We never know what's around the next corner.

I told my husband that people must just watch us wondering what is going to happen next (chuckle).   Shoot, I wonder that too :-).

I'm trying to think where I left off.  So many little things have happened that life for us is just always new.  You'd think after a house filled with so many blessings for many years, that "new to us" would happen less often (chuckle).

Hmmm...I suppose I will start a couple weeks ago.  Everyone was well and we actually made it to Church.  Now, if you've been around us long enough, you know that's a feat sometimes.  We won't pretend we are on time to everything (lost shoes, diapers, bathroom runs...and ten people every time we head out...prevent that).  Sometimes just getting somewhere is a cause for a end zone happy dance (smile).

Well, we made it to Church.  The kids looked precious.  Then I notice a tiny red bump behind Timothy's ear.  It was not a big deal until I noticed him itching and peeked down the back of his onesie.  He had a full body rash on his trunk.

We'd had rashes before, but in a newly home kiddo with very little medical history, we were a bit concerned.  I immediately headed out.  I don't like leaving in the middle of a sermon, because God uses the words He gives our preacher in my heart constantly.  Timothy though needed mommy to get a handle on this rash.

I headed immediately over to Walgreens where I bought Benadryl and a $6 shirt.  One of the possibilities was that he was having a reaction to this shirt (it was the first time he wore it).  The Benadryl immediately started working.  With only a few minutes of Church left, I headed back and parked.  I sat in the car rocking my itchy one and singing to a local Christian radio station.  (They play a lot of

Thankfully we had a massive medical appointment scheduled pretty quickly already (International Adoption Clinic).  We are beginning to unravel the mystery we call our Timothy.

We have had a load of blood taken for testing.  The doctor is not exactly sure where the rash is coming from.  Though it's gone now, a bit started on the back of his neck when we were traveling in his country.  An allergist looks to be on the agenda for our little man.

What we do know is he's smart.  Developmentally he has a little catching up to do, but is really on track for a normal four year old.  Even after all he's been through, he's catching up so quickly.  If I show him something once or twice he usually catches on.  The doctor was very impressed with our little man.

Within the next days (coming up) we have the appointment that will allow us to know orthopedically what is going on.   We know he has issues with 90% of his joints (it seems), but the local orthopedic children's hospital will be doing many x-rays to figure out exactly what.  Yes, he has more issues than his file that was originally shown us, but truthfully...we expect that.  It's not an insult to the country, but just the reality that international medical files (often in institutions) will not have everything.  They have so many children that all the details can be left out.

Our adventures continued though.  This last Sunday I needed to leave in the middle of services...again.  (I'm going to hold my breath next Sunday...chuckle.)  Sarah had some issues that needed to be checked out at the ER.  Anything, with a baby on board, needs to be checked as a precaution.  Sarah is fine.  Baby moose is good and his/her heartbeat was perfect.  It just made for a long Sunday in the ER.  We always go to a HUGE hospital in mid massive city because of Sarah's seizure history
(Can't believe we forgot to get Ivan in this pic!)

So, that's about all the huge things here.  Besides medical appointments, we are taking many walks, playing, and just generally enjoying each other. 

(Above) We walked the "back way" to a local grocery store.  It was nice spending time in the sun and playing together. (Below) We stopped (hot day) and cooled down in the stores deli.  They had each brought their walking cups and downed all their water.

General Goofiness

Tom swung by to wish his dad happy birthday (though we weren't 
celebrating it quiet yet).  He is a big goof and loves playing around with 
his little siblings.  When Tom comes home and littles will
appear from everywhere.  We didn't get to see Elizabeth that
particular day, but I'm blessed to see her pretty regularly.  (She just
happens to be awesome too!)  I just need to get a picture with her and
her littlest brother (smile).

So that's our current saga.  Stayed tuned to see what happens next (smile)


Prayer Requests
1.  That we glorify God with our lives, honoring HIM with humbleness and truth.
2.    Continued prayers for Tom and Elizabeth (blessing and protection).
3.  Prayers for our grandchild (in utero) and mommy as the pregnancy progresses (strength and health).  Sarah has to be so careful with the severity of her allergy to wheat (seizures) and she also has to gain a lot of weight (she lost and couldn't gain before her Celiac diagnoses and was only beginning to gain before her pregnancy).  She's could always  use the prayers.
4. For our little man as he transitions.  Specifically that he sees us as different (attachment) and has some stranger fear (showing he sees us as his security) and his sleep. It's easy to look at little ones newly coming home as "friendly".  That may be a bit of it, but often they have no concept of family and view everyone as caregivers initially.
5. For direction as we move forward with so many changes and future changes.
6.  That we can get into a good co-op (there's a waiting list with the one we want) with home school for next year.  We have one lovely one two of the children are blessed to be able to go to, but we are looking for a place for some of the higher learning classes. 

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